Pisan's black list

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More than one GLNF Lodge in three hasn’t paid


Is there no limit to the measures François Stifani will take to stack the numbers at the AGM ? Various court injunctions are under way to oblige Miss Monique and Ephesse to respect the last legitimate electoral college, the same one that existed for the last legitimate AGM on March 25th, 2010.


In the meantime Miss Monique and Ephesse continue on their merry way, both interpreting the court decisions as it suits them and Ephesse suspending Lodges as if they were going out of fashion.


Despite menaces, threats, suspensions, exclusions and siphoning of Lodge bank accounts, if I told you that Pisan alleges that more than one in three Lodges have not paid their 2010 – 2011 dues would you believe me ? Probably not. Well, don’t bet me a truckload of blue aprons because you’re sure to lose.

579 out of 1600 = 36 % of all the GLNF. Plus 6 Provinces and the Royal Arch Chapter.

LML in English has obtained the list of Lodges that Henry the Beancounter supplied to Cecurity (Miss Monique’s “Gorillas Incorporated” for the AGM) on January 2nd. This is straight from the horse’s mouth stuff. And it doesn’t include the entire Val de Loire Province wiped out in January 2010 or French Polynesia Province which disappeared beneath the turquoise waters of the lagoon last month. If you take those into account we’re close to or just beyond 50%. link 

Have some fun, find out how far down the list you are !!!

The list puts the outstanding figure for the 579 Lodges , 6 Provinces and the Chapter at :

almost 1.6 million euros.

And the champion, all categories together is :


Portalis Lodge N° 343,        14880 euros  Hey guys, I hope you’ve got some cash reserves !!!


Isn’t it fortunate for Miss Monique and those who fly first class that François Stifani had built up a very tidy nest egg over the years ?


But why did this list end up in the hands of Cecurity whose gorillas are going to control entry to the AGM ? We stress this is not a list of Lodges which are suspended or struck off. Those are part of the list but this goes much further. This is merely those Lodges that Pisan says they owe money.


Could it be that despite the January 13th Court of appeal ruling, Miss Monique intends to press on with the folly of holding an AGM on February 4th ? Miss Monique, remember the December 3rd debacle . If you continue down that path February 4th will be far worse !!! And it will be your fault. You’ve been warned !


Is this some sort of black list to prevent entry to the AGM ? If so, it means that 50% of the Lodges that constituted the electoral college on March 25th, 2010 will be denied their legitimate voting rights. I promise you, the Brethren will not take this lying down !


Is this yet another and even more insidious manoeuvre by François Stifani to fix the numbers at the AGM, to ensure that the only name to be validated will be his, that he’ll get to wear the biggest blue apron for another very long 5 years ? Ephesse, since January 21st, 2011 you are merely a member of the GLNF, you have no status other than your membership number. You may dream of being Grand Master but I assure you, the Brethren have other ideas for you. For some it’s tar and feathers, but for the more moderate among us it is a request to close the door as you leave and we’ll hand you over to  the courts of the Republic.


No matter which way you look at it, if Cecurity has received this list officially from the 3rd floor it has something to do with the AGM. Lodge delegates, make sure you arrive early, the security checking is likely to take quite some time !!! And, remember December 3rd. Don’t forget to bring your camera ! And charge the battery the night before !

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