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and…. Let’s have lunch !!


Our self-proclaimed spiritual guide, honorary consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer, recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace and EX-Grand Master is more and more isolated in his ivory bunker.


In a desperate move just prior to the meeting of approximately 2000 Brothers opposed to his dictatorial methods he wrote to the UGLE pleading for its support to his unjustifiable cause.


And to top it off, he tries to entice the UGLE even more by suggesting that the official English party lunch with him and Big Moustache in Monaco on the weekend of February 19th. LML in English is sure that the English will have better things to do than to sit down with the Stifanatic over lobster and bubbly. Obviously we ask the question ; if Maître Legrand has turned off the financial tap, who’s paying ?


For once we don’t have to translate the guru’s letter

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Chicon au gratin de miasmes 02/08/2011 03:34

who is paying dinner at Monaco, concluded:

As suggested by Arturusrex above by UGLE is an option to consider.
Because unexpected things may happen at any moment with our Supreme Helmsman

Le Pacificateur 02/07/2011 14:13

Instead of a lunch with the traitors of the GLNF, I suggest a drink with Jean Murat who can explain them what is really happening inside our GLNF.

Big ben 02/07/2011 13:29

Who is paying dinner at Monaco,

Maybe GLNF but Stifani will be obliged before to present an estimated cost to Madame Legrand who manages now money of GLNF.

Or a subsidary of GLNF holding not under control of Madame Legrand: OAF ( Charity ), Foundation Foellner, one of the companies around GLNF, for instance La Truelle.

So no problem to pay the bill. French BB will pay at end.

Arturusrex 02/07/2011 13:17

There is today no grand Master in the GLNF today. The Chair is vacant. This has been declared very clearly by all the jurisdictions that provide the GLNF with its members (with the exception of the
Mark) It is therefore unthinkable that the new GL of Monaco can be consecrated by Stifani. He represents nothing. It is also impossible for him to foot a restaurant bill in the name of the GLNF as
the Administrator has blocked all the accounts. If the UGLE accept an invitation from him in Monaco, I hope they will be prepared to pay what Stifani cannot!
All this just shows how easy and rapid is the evolution of Magalomania into pure dementia.