Poland as well !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

It was foreseeable. Firstly the Swiss set the ball rolling last Saturday, followed yesterday by the joint communiqué announcing the definitive withdrawal of GLNF Recognition by Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This morning we learn that the National Grand Lodge of Poland has decided to sever all ties with the GLNF. Others will follow shortly, not only on continental Europe, but perhaps across the Channel and even on the other side of the Atlantic.

Tomorrow the UGLE is holding its quarterly meeting of the Board of General Purposes in London. In the light of the 6 withdrawals of Recognition it is inevitable that the situation in France will be discussed. Let us not forget that early in July the UGLE will hold its annual tripartite meeting with the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland. The outcome of that meeting last year was the suspension of relations with the GLNF by all 3. The ridiculous upshot of the suspension was Ephesse’s backdating of an e-mail to July 14th in an attempt to make believe that he had suspended relations with the UGLE.

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Mark Keystone 06/13/2012 11:28

For info UGLE meeting today is Quarterly Communications. The Board Of General Purposes report covering the period since the last meeting of Grand Lodge will be presented for voting on. I would be
surprised if anything comes out today in relation to GLNF.

Allan Sanders 06/13/2012 14:27

We'rs waiting for news of the meeting. Should there be anything concerning French Freemasonry we'll report it.

Tony Calvert 06/12/2012 12:53

Just like a pack of cards, it all comes tumbling down around François Stifani ears and the upper miss management of the GLNF. Anyone want to purchase some very cheap big blue aprons only slightly
used but very badly soiled with bullshit.
One again I would like to thank the brave and noble brothers who had the courage to defy the bully tactics’ of the brutal and twisted management within GLNF and gave us the GL-AMF your efforts are
being rewarded by the current events.