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My Portugese is non-existant but I am reliably informed that the Grand Lodge of Portugal suspended relations with the GLNF two days ago. Ephesse might be claiming he has been elected grand master of the GLNF for a second mandate but more and more it looks like he’ll be Grand Master of nothing at all, particularly on the international Masonic scene.


LINK RL391 SuspensãoRelaçõesGLNF 3Abril2012 (1) RL391 SuspensãoRelaçõesGLNF 3Abril2012 (1)

The Suspension of relations between the Portuguese GL and the GLNF (original attached) was expressed in the following very explicitly stated terms: (translation Stephen Burrough)

"We are sorry to inform you that the situation with the GLNF has deteriorated with the re-election of the same Grand Master. We therefoer see ourselves obliged to suspend relations with the GLNF, thereby following other masonic bodies, particularly referring to the I.M.C. of which we are a member. We maintain the hope that the brethren of France will continue towards the rapid recovery of normal practice of Regular Masonry. We beseech the GAOTU to enlighten us on our way."
Most fraternal greetings
R.C.L. GRand Secretary

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Alfred de Talebonjour 04/07/2012 13:11

And then ?
The whole world may suspend relations with the GLNF, it doesnt' change anything : the GLNF is still recognized as regular.
Suspension is not an answer nor a solution.
IT must be incredibly courageous to withdraw recognition...
and much more to give recognition to an obedience who meets conditions for it, like the grand lodge of Tahiti,recognized as such by the UGLE.
It's really impossible to make up your mind ?
In french I say : "Le couille-mollisme est coéternel à la maçonnerie". It could be approximately translated :
"No-ballism is as eternal as masonry".
You want an inner solution ? Be patient : the inner solution is coming. Its name is Jean Murat, a masonic illiterate. He wrote a book, "La Grande Loge Nationale Française" which is an incredible
collection of stupidities.
But he can count : 55 % of the voices are to be recovered.
If he is the only one to "oppose" his candidature to Stifani, he will be elect, after the reject of the next 23rd of june.
The despise of the UGLE for us should give him back the relations as soon as he would be grand master.

Allan sanders 04/10/2012 11:54

Brother Alfred,

Jean Murat is incapable of saving the GLNF. It is beyond redemption. And the only thing that interests Murat is the biggest blue apron. That has been his
dream for decades. He won't rock the boat and he certainly won't introduce the necessary reforms. And even if he tries to, Balloo the legal Bear has enough blank writs up his sleeve to tie him up
in brief ribbons for years. 

Forget the GLNF. Do like thousands of other brethren; move on to the GL-AMF