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In a previous article (The African Connection, December 17th 2010) LML in English had informed you of just another of our spiritual guide’s talents, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles.


Should you be seeking a new destination for your holidays, or you have to take a business trip to the Horn of Africa, should you require :


-          Information on obligatory vaccinations

-          Visas

-          Reservations for airline tickets or hotels (minimum 4 star only)


Contact the Consulate General of Djibouti at :


Monsieur François Stifani – Consul General for Djibouti

Chemin Tanit

06100 Antibes Juan les Pins

Tel : 04 93 67 26 16

Fax : 04 93 67 683 89





But that’s not all !! Our spiritual guide isn’t the only one with a diplomatic passport. In the best principal of cultivating mushrooms, « Feed them bullshit and keep them in the dark !!”


Who’s Who reveals that his illustrious predecessor, Jean-Charles Foellner, is the Honorary Consul for Gabon.


Want to go there ? Feel like a private audience with our Beloved Brother, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon and President of the Republic of Gabon ?


No problems. At great expense to the management LML in English can provide you the necessary administrative contacts.


Or for a more personalised service, Brother to Brother, you can consult the Honorary Consul for Gabon directly on his mobile phone : 06 75 75 11 11


But, it gets better !


You prefer going to the Consulate personally. No problems. It can be found at :


9 rue de Verdi in Nice.


Perhaps the address rings a bell ? Not surprising. It’s the same address as the GLNF temples in Nice…..As they say at Disneyland, “It’s a small world !!”  And there are no prizes for guessing which company owns the building and who is on the board of the company. “Le Point” might be able to assist you if you are having difficulty.


But maybe you prefer telephoning or faxing to make an appointment with the Honorary Consul, Mr Jean-Charles Foellner ?


Make sure you are seated, scotch in hand and on a direct line to your favourite cardiologist before reading further. Because the shock could be too much for you. The landline calls to the Honorary Consul for Gabion arrive at the offices of a well known Antibes firm of lawyers,


Le cabinet Stifani – Fenoud !!!


Telephone line to the Consulate General for Gabon : 04 93 67 26 16

Fax to the Consulate General for Gabon : 04 93 67 83 89


For airline ticket reservations we strongly recommend that you opt for someone other than the local airline.




Or perhaps you could ask to travel like Jean-Charles and François (Claude also), in the presidential private jet, sometimes called Air Bongo in this column. It’s certainly much safer. They’ll never lose your suitcase, the one with the blue and gold apron and all the baubles in it.


With their wide experience in visiting exotic countries on doubt our spiritual guide and Big Moustache will have little difficulty establishing themselves in new careers in the tourism industry

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Big Ben 01/21/2011 08:00

It's not forbidden to a Freemason to have a political action. But it's forbidden to use Freemasonry as a tool for his own political and financial promotion.

This is what do french GM F.Stifani and the Past GM JC.Foellner.

They have woven a web for business, hidden for all, unknow till last year.

Problem is that the spirit of Freemasonry have dissapeard from the structure of obediency. The Ariane's thread is: more and more BB, more and more contributions, less and less money for

French GLNF Freemasonry has lost his marrow, his blood. Money and profit have replaced the spiritual quest.

Situation is really serious.

Escartefigue 01/19/2011 20:38

Sorry !
In my previous post, I just got mixed-up between "renter" and "tenant". Besides my other english mistakes;-((
I just hope to be understood, and will try to do better next time !

Escartefigue 01/19/2011 20:34

Don't worry, my dear Bethren !
Our former spiritual Guide, JCF, now Hon. Consul for Gabon, has chosen a good address for his headquarters : the brand new Temple in Nice, which although luxurious, is not busy enough by local
Lodges -even though a number of new ones- for a right R.O.I.
Hence a number of sub-rentings (?), including "non regular" lodges, even feminine ones !
Just a guess : would Gabon be another renter ?