Pour a stiff scotch, take 2 valium and read on ...

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Balloo the Legal Bear does the barely believable…


…He asks the court to repeal Miss Monique


Obviously Ephesse is pulling the strings but Balloo the Legal Bear’s latest antic just about takes the cake.


In his own name (which means for once we’re not the suckers who are paying !!!), as a member of the GLNF, Balloo the Legal Bear has presented a request that the Paris Supreme Court orders, among other things, that Miss Monique cease her functions of GLNF administrator immediately !!!



Pour yourself a stiff scotch, get yourself comfortable and take a valium or two before starting to read the ravings of a legal lunatic. This is cloud cuckoo land stuff.


It shows just how desperate Ephesse and his two or three remaining advisors have become.


Imagine, asking the very same court that has just extended Miss Monique’s powers and given her another 6 months to do the job, asking that court to order her to stop !!! And Balloo the Legal bear was in Miss Monique’s office just last Friday with 8 other legal eagles and they all agreed on the rules of the game for the next month, including the election of the new Grand Master by the SGC on March 30th.


Balloo’s gambit is tantamount to complaining to your mother-in-law about your wife !!!


It has absolutely no chance of getting off the ground. This is yet another of Ephesse’s delaying tactics. The court will have to set a date for the hearing and once the legal mouthpieces have strutted their stuff, the judge will decide he needs to think about it and there’s another couple of months down the drain for us and another couple of months closer to the first Saturday in December for Ephesse (which year, 2012 or 2017 ?).


In his submission Balloo questions everything ! (I wonder what he’s been smoking !)


He states (evidence ????? supplied) :


that there is no Grand Master vacancy, Ephesse is still the top boy

that he will remain GM until the first Saturday of December 2012… …and even longer if possible !

The composition of the SGC that will elect the next GM (when ?????) is that decided by Ephesse and Henry the Beancounter

And the same goes for the electoral college for the next (when ?????) AGM


He demands :


that Miss Monique be removed immediately

that she be replaced by another administrator (he’s changed his tune since the famous letter telling her an administrator was no longer necessary !), preferably one who is (take a good gulp of yous scotch) … …more attentive to legality !!! For “more attentive to legality”, read “one who will do what we tell him/her to do”!!!

the Administrator doesn’t call the meeting of the SGC. Ephesse does that… as he wants…and …when he wants !


His argument :


Miss Monique costs too much for the GLNF !!! For the first time in my life I agree with Balloo the Legal Bear ! But what he overlooks is that Miss Monique is there because he and the rest of the GLNF Association Board, including Ephesse, all dived for the lifeboats on January 21st, 2011.


How much has Miss Monique cost us ? Forget your glass of scotch, take a handful of valium and wash it down straight from the bottle !!!


MORE than 2 million euros !!! I didn’t invent it. It’s in Balloo’s submission !!!

And, that’s not even counting the 700 000 euros for the February 4th AGM !!!

Again, I repeat, I didn’t invent the figure. It’s in Balloo’s submission. Forget the bottle, go straight to the barrel !!! Just a reminder : when we talked about huge sums of money … …no-one believed us !


And the icing on the cake is that Balloo and Ephesse try to bolster their argument by suggesting …normally this money should be used to build masonic temples” !!!


INCREDIBLE !!! Tell me Balloo, tell me Ephesse, what about the money you threw around like a man with no arms, all those first class air flights to show off your big blue aprons under the coconut palms, all those 5 star hotels with their champagne and caviar receptions, all those trips to try to save your wobbly image, South Africa, Washington, D.C., the hotel suites booked in Atlanta but not used, GLNF 101, Wagram with its kitchen never used, not even once, and then sold off at an enormous loss ??? There goes mioney right out the window that could have been better used. Like reducing the annual dues or helping Brethren who really need help.


Would you like me to tell the story of how generous the GLNF was to a Brother in Concepcion in Chile who lost everything in the earthquake, the very night he and his wife and baby moved into their new apartment !!! Fortunately for him the Brethren of his Lodge and the Province dug very deep into their pockets. The amount Pisan came up with was more an insult than a gesture.


For those of you who didn’t understand that, despite the appearance that Judge Kurz and Miss Monique are moving in the right direction, we did’t drop the new Obedience project, now you know why.


The new Obedience is a very necessary precaution. Ephesse hasn’t said his last word !!!

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