Pressure is on, on on on; keep it up!!!

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Pressure is on, on on on; keep it up!!!

The pressure is on, the Provincial Grandees still imagine they can strut around in their regalia and bully the lodges, the G.Offs still like to try and give orders.

The pressure is on the other way, too: kick them out is the simple answer.

Lodges must not give in to so-called representatives of a non existent Grand Master.

Read on, a couple of items translated from another blog, today March 2nd         Tr: Arturusrex.


“If the attitude of the Provincial Officers who are out of order on Rules and Regulations; (there being no Grand Master, there is no Provincial Grand Master, no Provincial Grand Officers, no more of their ridiculous regalia in Lodge), they must be called to account before the master masons of their individual Lodges assembled in their Inner Chambers and appropriate measures taken against them: admonishment, suspension, …) The only acknowledged  Masonic Leaders of the Craft with decisionary authority in the present circumstances are the W.Masters of the Lodges. ….. Bro CPF.


Pisan is on the counter-offensive. The apparitchiks are out to defy the Lodges.

They install uneasiness and fear in the Lodges.

Will we find the guts to tell them they are welcome as simple master masons and dressed only as such?

Will we find the guts to tell them to sit in the North or the South but not in the East?

What so incapacitating a fear is there that a Freemason’s courage cannot overcome?

We will ignore instructions, orders, ordinances, and other arrangements thought up and issued by these title-touters and fraudulent regalia-bearers.

If they physically impose their presence, call off and leave the Lodge room. Leave them alone to their own devices.  

Remember: gold is a soft metal.

Such undesirable visitors, who hold us in low esteem, do not believe we will ever dare, or that we have the guts to act as we must.

Too often our own flabby weakness gives them the upper hand. Prove to them they are wrong!             Bruno.



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Chicon au gratin 03/03/2011 04:40

Provincial regalias are the image of F Stifani power with his violence, cupidity. So curiously in many BB minds they are not still welcome.