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Published on by Allan Sanders

It was Goering, aviation hero of the First World War and a key member of Hitler’s inner guard, who said it first : if the lie is big enough and you repeat it often enough, it will become the truth.

Heyraud, the NO-Hero, Secretary to the illegal GLNF Grand Council, has produced a masterpiece of propaganda sent to the few remaining GLNF Brethren to try to pull them into line and stop them going for the lifeboats. link

I don’t propose to translate it, I’ll merely take the principal lies and comment upon them.

“GLNF Brethren tempted by the GL-AMF adventure must consider they are entering an enterprise based upon bitterness and resentment. No guarantee of a serene future.” I must have missed something at Tours on April 28th. Standing ovations, calm, serenity and relief were the order of the day. And when I opened Lodge “…under the auspices of the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française” at our first meeting after the consecration there were only smiles before me.

“Mr Juillet claims 6000 new members and numerous others arriving…we doubt them…for they are far superior to the resignations received at the GLNF.” The writer forgets the massive number of GLNF Brethren who have resigned over the past 30 months, not just recently. And many of us have not bothered to resign from the GLNF, preferring to leave Ephesse in the dark. Since may 15th is behind us, I’m waiting for my registered letter from Henry the Beancounter or Miss Monique informing me I’ve been struck off the books, a singular honour, better than the Légion d’Honneur Ephesse so wanted. Miss Monique, if you want to strike me off, my membership number was 56724. And just to confirm the 6000 plus GL-AMF membership, the highest number in my Lodge is 6341, an affiliated member, future WM of his Mother Lodge. His Lodge secretary was a bit slow sending in the papers but the file was processed a fortnight ago.

“The gravest point concerns promises of international recognition. “The subject is advancing little by little on both sides of the Atlantic”… It is simply unthinkable that it (the UGLE) ceases to recognize the GLNF with whom it has relations for almost a century.” The recent effort by Philippe Tardivel  to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic resulted in the suspension of relations by the GL of New York. And the UGLE has not yet withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. But in July 2011 it suspended relations, which resulted in Ephesse’s laughable back-dating an e-mail to July 14th, whereby the GLNF purported to suspend relations with the UGLE. The end result was that Ephesse became the laughing stock of international Freemasonry. And watch this space this coming weekend. LML in English will announce the definitive withdrawal of recognition by at least one European Grand Lodge. The avalanche has begun !

“It is patently obvious the GL-AMF is supported by the Rite Jurisdictions. What’s more, it is housed in the A&ASR Supreme Council building, Boulevard Bineau in Neuilly.” Monstrous lie ! The GL-AMF has never been “housed” in Boulevard Bineau. In its earliest days the GL-AMF “office” was the dining room table of the Grand Secretary’s home in Artannes, more than 150 km from Paris. And the new GL-AMF office is at 49 rue de Chabrol, Paris 10e.

“To be Regular a Grand Lodge must have full sovereignty over the first three degrees. With its “Rite Houses”, omnipresent in its structure the GL-AMF does not fill this basic requirement.” The sovereignty over the first three degrees is an integral part of the GL-AMF platform, published in both French and English in its official communiqués. The “Rite Houses” bring together all the GL-AMF Lodges laboring under a particular Rite (there are 6 in all). The Rite Houses exist to aid the Lodges in the pure respect of the specificity of each Rite. They are answerable to the Grand Master and no-one else. Their only source of funding is the GL-AMF.

“Our English Brethren observe that harmony has returned to our Lodges since the departure of the troublemakers.” This is far from the truth. Numerous Lodges are openly divided right down the middle, half wanting to remain in the GLNF (because foolishly they’ve paid up), half want to take their Lodge to the GL-AMF. The end result in most cases is that the Lodge is sitting on the fence. The foreseeable non-result on June 23rd is sure to make many jump in the GL-AMF direction. In my Lodge 3 affiliated members have opted for full membership because their Mother Lodges are divided and the atmosphere is anything but calm and harmonious.

“(Alain Juillet) maintains a Trojan horse within the GLNF, the ULRF, which will continue to fulfill its role…of subversion and disorder.” The ULRF is an independent association whose sole role is to advise and assist current and former GLNF Brethren who are seeking advice and assistance in the crisis. Many have been unjustly suspended, excluded or struck off and don’t know how or don’t have the means to fight the GLNF machine. And it will continue to exist as long as GLNF Brethren require such assistance.

“Mr Juillet boasts about the aid and collaboration of virtually all the French Obediences which propose the use of their Temples.” And justly so ! When Ephesse installed Gorillas Incorporated at the front door of the Pisan bunker, refusing entry to Brethren whose Lodges or themselves had been arbitrarily and illegally suspended, excluded or struck off the other obediences spontaneously extended an open helpng hand. London wasn’t in love with General de Gaulle when he arrived in 1940, but the necessity to confront a dreadful common enemy over-rode their differences. The various French Obediences have opened their hearts and the Temple doors to Brethren who have nowhere to meet. We will be eternally grateful.

“Mr Juillet praises himself for having got rid of the blue aprons and the titles that exist solely to satisfy the egos of those lacking social recognition.” One of the principal remarks made by Brethren of all levels in the FMR “white book” was to do away with the ostentatious marks of shallow office, the blue aprons, the gilded trimmings and the dead boring titles, Past Grand This, Past Grand That, etc. It is not the blue apron or the title that is targeted; it’s the GLNF system put in place for the benefit of a few and at the detriment of many, a system that has forgotten that in accepting office,  you accept to serve the Brethren without an afterthought for yourself. There are many Grand Lodges throughout the world which continue to use blue aprons and impressive titles. The difference between them and the GLNF is that those Brethren who are in blue aprons undertake heavy charges in total humility. They do not strut the masonic stage like peacocks or mobile Christmas trees.

“…those who have joined the GL-AMF are being dragged towards isolation and irregularity.” Regularity exists by the very nature of your masonic approach. It does not require a decision from an outside person or body. If you, as a Brother, or your Lodge, labour under the invocation of the Great Architect of the Universe, if you respect the Landmarks and (in France) the Rule in 12 Points, if your Lodge opens under the 3 Lights of Universal Traditional Freemasonry, you are Regular and no-one can contest that. The Brethren and the Lodges of the GL-AMF fulfill each and every one of those conditions. Recognition is a separate subject. That is granted by another Grand Lodge, upon the basis of your Regularity. And should you become irregular, Recognition can be withdrawn. Today the GLNF has become irregular (non-respect of the Landmarks and the Rule in 12 Points) but it has not yet had its Recognition withdrawn by the international Grand Lodges. Watch this space ! The GL-AMF is totally Regular and hopes that in a not too distant future international Traditional Freemasonry will take note of its Regularity and Recognize it as a Grand Lodge having its rightful place on the international stage.

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Comment on this post

Nick Thompson 06/07/2012 18:13

With regards to the 6th paragraph, many of us aren't 'sitting on the fence', rather we want to leave the GLNF but UGLE have made it quite clear that we can't be members of both UGLE & GL-AMF
Lodges, it's one or the other.

The sooner UGLE recognises the GL-AMF the better for all of us.

Allan Sanders 06/08/2012 09:54

Brother Nick, The "sitting on the fence" comment was directed principally at those Brethren who are members of only the GLNF. I am only too well aware of and
sympathetic towards the predicament of those who hold both UGLE & GLNF membership. If I was in your case I'd be tempted to resign from the GLNF and inform both my UGLE Lodge WM and Great
Queen Street that the UGLE's failure to react  had placed me in an intolerable position. Other than the satisfaction of seeing your fellow GLNF Brethren, what point is there in remaining in
the GLNF ? I trust you haven't contributed to Ephesse's extravagant lifestyle by paying your 2010, 2011 & 2012 dues.