Puteaux, Maître Legrand condemned as administrator

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As reported on Myosotis Paris Grande Arche link


On October 25th, Aphec, an association of Brethren with a lease on the building situated in the rue Lucien Voilin in Puteaux (Paris suburb) had gone to court concerning the illegal occupancy of the building by the GLNF and the illicit acts committed by the PGM Zecchini (lonh boring, green vegetable !), such as having changed the locks.


The court has ordered Maître Legrand , in her capacity as administrator of the GLNF Association, to give a copy of the keys to the President of Aphec, under constraint of 300 euros per day, plus a fine of 2500 €.link


But, hang on, there's more. The locks were changed on the order of the PGM, the over-zealous Long, Green, Boring Vegetable and this morning, the same legume had the temerity to claim he, Maître Legrand and her personal legal eagle, Maître Dumaine-Martin, had no confirmation of the judgement.

Objet :
Message du TRGMP Michel Zecc… aux Officiers du Collège
"Interrogé par mes soins à 10h ce matin, Maître Dumai.. M…m’indique ne pas avoir reçu la décision de justice.
Vous noterez au passage que l’opposition n’hésite pas à essayer de déstabiliser la GLNF et PGA en utilisant tous les moyens.
Je vous demande de bien vouloir calmer le débat et de ne pas relayer des informations qui ne sont pas confirmées. Maître Legrand et Maître Dumai.. M… travaillent aux côtés de la GLNF afin de sauvegarder les actifs de l’Obédience.
TRF Michel Zecc…

The news had only been published on just about every Myosotis of france & Navarre and, as if that wasn't enough, they could consult the judgement on La Lumière, the blog of François Koch from L'Express.



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Arturusrex 11/02/2011 20:11

As clearly Mme Legrand was in connivance with Zucchini when he took the illegal action of changing the locks, it is to be doubted whether she will succomb to the verdict without appeal; and if she
does pay, guess whose money it will be with!!!

Winnie 11/03/2011 09:56

I wouldn't be surprised if she appeals. There are several Myosotis suggesting she has already done so. In the meantime, at 300 € per day, the total will rise
quickly. And, like you say, it will be with GLNF money, members fees, that she will pay.