Putting the pieces in place

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In reply to Maître Legrand’s proposal to hold an “organisational” meeting in preparation for the future AGM, FMR Myosotis replied by laying down a certain number of conditions. This reply was validated by virtually all the proposed “opposition” attendees (Alain Juillet, Dominique Moreau, Claude Seiler, Jean-Claude Tardivat and Serge Toffolini), proof of a significant union.


In reply Maître Legrand provided the following information :


Without delay she would provide the audited accounts of the association , including the principal accounts book and the details of expenditure, which FMR Myosotis has been requesting for months. At the time of writing this article there remain an important number of documents that have not been provided.


The exact state of the association’s cash reserves


The confirmation that the audit mission of Bellot & Associates had been extended to more detailed research in the light of anomalies detected in the various GLNF satellite structures.


That she envisages holding the AGM on Saturday January 7th in the Palais des Congrès in Paris which surprises us since the Palais des Congrès website lists a major medical seminar on that date. http://www.viparis.com/Viparis/salon-paris/listeManifsV4?reqCode=salon&lang=fr


She wants Ephesse 1st to attend the meeting !!! FMR –Myosotis has replied that the absence of the self-proclaimed spiritual guide is not a requirement for thair presence but in no way can their presence be considered as a recognition of the functions that he pretends to fulfil. Should he attend the meeting it will be at the personal invitation of Maître Legrand. You may interpret this last sentence as you will !


FMR – Myosotis requests that the following items de on the meeting agenda :


The annulation of all individual and collective suspensions or sanctions pronounced since December 4th, 2009.


The annulation of all nominations to office since that date by François Stifani and his GMPs.


The fixing of the date of the AGM, the assembly agenda and the electoral college.


The departure of François Stifani. Even if Maître Legrand agrees to the first three requests there is no way Ephesse 1st will agree to this fourth point, be he at the meeting or not.


Maître Legrand has agreed to supply the list of invited attendees without delay.

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