React to the pressure to pay !!!

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React to the pressure to pay !!!


From FMR and various Myosotis link 

Dear Brethren,


In direct contradiction to its statutes and the laws of the land the GLNF has demanded you make an exceptional financial contribution.


You are concerned about the insistence and the pressure that is being applied and the threat that, in case you don’t pay you will be unable to vote ant the General Assembly (whenever that may be – translator’s note).

 The best way to stop this situation is to seize the Commission for Reconsideration (Commission de Recours Gracieux) and, in case of failing to reach an agreement, the Supreme Court.


Please mail us your completed and signed attached letter and power of representation addressed to our lawyers (or your own whom you will ask to contact ours to co-ordinate the action).


You are not at risk as you are merely exercising your right as a member of the GLNF Association and all sanctions would be outside the law. And if such did occur we will react in consequence.


Dear Brother, please send us the documents as quickly as possible (FMR, 21 rue Caillaux, 75013 Paris) and please ask your fellow Brethren to do the same.


You know we appreciate your participation in the struggle.




FMR – Myosotis


LINK saisine-paiement (3) saisine-paiement (3)  the letter

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