Report on the national meeting for the reform of the GLNF

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February 5th 2011 at Montreuil Paris-Est


We are not here to speak about the atmosphere of Brotherhood, dignity and hope. That has already been reported on Saturday evening on various blogs and numerous comments, many charged with emotion, have made their testimony. We won’t speak about the number of participants either, those who were present can testify and know which of the “official” propaganda or the FMR-Myosotis figures are closest to the truth.

This afternoon was lived by all as an historic moment and the beginning of the reconstruction, brought about by this union of Brothers of all ages, all Rites and all Provinces with a will to restore to our failing Obedience its former dignity.


Certain saw a sign from the great Architect of the Universe which made those brothers in charge of logistics choose a conference room in Montreuil next to an abandoned industrial site where only the metal carcass and a chimney standing like a column remain. Each one of you will understand the allegory.


Our Brother Jean-Claude Bourret ran proceedings like a Swiss watch, beginning and ending at exactly the hour previously announced, making scrupulously sure the time allotted to each official speaker and those from the floor was respected.


You can download :


-          Claude Seiler’s speech


-          Dominique Moreau’s introductory speech


-          Dominique Moreau’s closing speech


And view the Power Point slides, visual supports to the various presentations also available by downloading HERE. 






FMR President, Claude Seiler, opened proceedings with a motivational speech summarising 14 months of active resistance and opening the future perspectives. He was followed by André Andrieux who presented the FMR accounts for 2010. The Dominique Moreau introduced the objectives of the assizes.


Then followed presentations by Brothers representing the various work groups of the 3 themes, the Lodges, the Rites and the Obedience. Each theme was covered in 2 parts, the first reproduced, without censorship, a synthesis of the contributions made by Brethren and Lodges, the second put together the outlines of the various solutions that will have to be worked upon in the commissions, prior to presenting a true project to re-found the statutes and by-laws.


It is important to note that under no circumstances do the various ideas presented constitute a definitive programme and this was stressed last Saturday. The communication by the “official” propaganda obviously omitted to state this and was content to comment on information taken out of context. For example, no decision was taken between the 2 options arising out of the requests : totally autonomous Lodges and something akin to the current situation. The final choice will only be made after in-depth work by specialists who will take the various constraints into account.


Starting with the solution outlines the real renovation will be able to begin. The reflections of the work groups enriched by your suggestions will result in a “White Book” (project- translator’s note) A blog devoted specifically to the White Book will be on line soon, you will be able to contribute and keep yourself up to date by consulting it.


All those who presented a synthesis of your contributions and requests, as well as the state of reflections on the possible solutions stresses the total will to regenerate our institution within the strict framework of the criteria of regularity and recognition as well as the dual respect of our masonic tradition and the Brethren.


Jean-Claude Bourret then ran the debate between questions from the floor and answers from the various presenters.


The Batonnier Teitgen (batonnier : elected head of the lawyers attached to a Supreme Court – translator’s note) then made a brilliant presentation of the legal aspect of the crisis. (view the VIDEO of his presentation or, in case of a problem, go to the FMR website)


After the closing speech by Dominique Moreau, Claude Seiler terminated the assizes with an appeal to all for union, symbolised by an emotional and sincere chain of unity during which the Brethren sang the Marseillaise.


The 2000 brethren went on their way happy and satidfied.


PS : a DVD is being prepared and will be on salesoon  on the FMR website.

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