Return your warrant !!

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Predictably, Jean-Noël Deloisy, WM of the RL Gnomon (see “Dissension in the ranks” and “Dissension in the ranks –Now we know why” LML in English December 22nd) , has received a registered letter from the Super Prefect ordering him to return the Lodge’s warrant, thereby closing the Lodge. Slight administrative SNAFU, the Super Prefect cannot recall the warrant without an ordinance from the GM, which has not yet been promulgated. But you can bet your New Year’s resolutions the ordinance is somewhere in the pipeline. Poor spiritual guide, honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles and Air Bongo frequent flyer, he has so much paperwork involved in excommunicating so many BB !!


At the same time, in an exceptional gesture of conciliation each member of Gnomon Lodge has received a letter giving them 2 weeks to either :


-          do nothing, in which case they will be considered to have resigned from the GLNF

-          request their transfer to another Lodge.


The gesture of conciliation comes by way of an addendum. Their transfer request will be backdated to August 30th so that the BB will not have to pay his lodge fees to Gnomon Lodge for 2010 – 2011. But Stifanicus and company seem to overlook that the BB of Gnomon Lodge, like thousands of their BB, have not and have no intention of paying their fees until such time as thre 2010 – 2011 budget is approved by a legally constituted annual general meeting.


Jean-Noël and your fellow BB at Gnomon Lodge, hold fast § Thousands of your BB in other Lodges around the country support you 150%.

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Indiana Jones 01/01/2011 21:19

To buy them, go fast to Scribe's shop,
but without me, I prefer two inflatable "Betty boop".

Take care, my BB, I'm a miasma now !(Read "Nice Matin" of december 31 st)

joaben 01/01/2011 12:49

These last events point more acurately a situation which in other places should have to be considered on a "pathologic" point of view.

Strange double behavior on the same day :

- announcing forgiveness, conciliation, brotherhood, amnesty, compassion for suspended brothers.
- act violently against a lodge, all its members in total breach of the rules.

Do we have a special offer for New Year : 2 Stifanis for the price of one.