REUNION – who will foot the bill for the ex-GM’s week end?

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The Grand Master who was thinks he still is. And is he still using our money?

Normally, he can no longer legally dip into our till to pay for his extravanganzas.

But César of PACA Blog today reveals that he might be doing just that.


REUNION – who will foot the bill for the ex-GM’s week end?

Well informed sources reveal that ex-GM Stifani intended spending a weekend on Reunion Island and that the tickets have been booked 


His pretext is to inaugurate the majestic new masonic premises (link

at Saint-Clotilda, a hymn to the glory of the ex AGM, and local PGM Philippe Tar….., one of Stifani’s most notorious old die-hards.


The ex GM can thank him as one of the most efficient of PGMs when it comes to taking the brethren for a ride at their own expense. And asking them to believe that it was “only the people in Paris that caused problems” and that it didn’t concern them.

When the multi-located General Assemblies were organised, Reunion was the only province to vote 100% OUI.


A result worthy of one of the most radical dictators.  


But the question Bro César asks today is very simple :



*       Who will pay for the air tickets this for week end in the sun and the Isle far from our wintry February? 

*        Who will be paying the on the spot expenses, the good class hotel, the gastronomic restaurants and tutti quantii ?


Bro César can’t for the life of him imagine our EX going down there as Grand Master, with a sudden attack of amnesia, and quite forgetting the letter he wrote on January 25th in which he wrote (inter alia): “Then, we shall be able to organize the steps forward to designating and electing a Grand Master”, thereby recognizing officially that there was no longer a Grand Master.


So, as he no longer holds any official functions in the GLNF, our EX cannot go down there other than in a purely private capacity to see his pals and enjoy himself in the Isle so popular with tourists.  


 Bro César can’t for the life of him imagine that our EX  might be thinking of getting the GLNF to pay for his week end, or even less, by the Province, that is, by the brethren to whom he has already told so many lies.

Because, if he did, Bro César imagines that (Madame ) Me Legrand, our judicial Administrator ,  would not appreciate it at all.

César (Myosotis PACA)                                         Tr Arturusrrex

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Winnie 01/29/2011 16:56

Even if our ex-GM has not yet paid for the tickets & Maître Legrand has turned off the taps, our spiritual guide has another option for his weekend on La Réunion. Air Bongo, no doubt with his
mates, Big Moustache and Claudius Maximus.