Rushin’ to say « Nyet » to a Russian

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Pisan restarts the Cold War


Diplomacy has never been François Stifani’s strong suit. His is more the “bull in a china shop” approach.


The incident occurred on Monday evening at Pisan. A Brother, member of the Grand Lodge of Russia arrived for the meeting of the “L’Epée Flamboyante” Lodge to which he and several other Brothers had been invited. He presented his notice of good standing and his Master Mason passport. The gorilla at the door refused him entry for the following reasons :


the Grand Lodge of Russia had not supplied the Pisan Grand Secretariat with a list of members that it wished to be given access to the Pisan building.

The brother in question appears on a “black list” supplied to the gorillas by Henry the Beancounter, he being the sole person able to grant access to the building (By what right  , Miss Monique ?


The Brother once again confirmed that he was invited as a member of the Grand Lodge of Russia, the WM of the Lodge came down to welcome him into the building. The WM was informed of the reasons why his guest was refused entry. We remind readers that the Grand Lodge of Russia is one of the very few European Grand Lodges which has not yet withdrawn recognition and / or suspended relations with the GLNF.


The Brother confirmed that he was under the protection of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia in Moscow. Informed that the incident was an insult to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia and a possible “casus belli” with withdrawal of Recognition by the Grand Lodge of Russia, Henry the Beancounter confirmed his definitive refusal to allow entry, adding that the said Brother was subject to a suspension ordinance. We inform you the Henry the Beancounter was in the building but he did not deign to come down and speak to the Brother personally. He has successfully provoked a diplomatic incident between two Grand Lodges and personally restarted the cold War.


Even if the Brother is on a “black list” (which proves its existence) Henry the Beancounter knows only too well that it is nul and void because the said Brother cannot be brought before a disciplinary committee, such a committee not having been approved at the December 4th fiasco at Levallois Perret. The suspension ordinance has no value since it was signed by Ephesse, who is no longer anything.


That a Brother with Master Mason’s passport, plus a good standing from a Recognised Grand Lodge can be refused entry on the basis that his Grand Lodge had not supplied Pisan with the right list is unheard of. This is not masonry, this is straight out of Kafka !


While our Russian Brother was being cold shouldered several other Brethren were refused entry by the gorillas because they refused to present their masonic identity cards. I wonder what would happen if the Duke of Kent arrived at the Pisan doors and his Grand Secretariat had not informed Henry the Beancounter of his imminent arrival ?


And where is Miss Monique in all this ?  She has declared that the GLNF Grand Master has ceased to exist since February 4th. She with total powers as administrator is the only person who can allow or refuse entry to Pisan. It would appear that her total powers continue to permit the existence of a “black list, supplied to non-masonic gorillas and that entry is the prerogative of the GLNF salaried personnel and contracted firms.

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