Save a penny, save a pound !!!

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Save a penny, save a pound !!!                            
Money is money. Masonry, as we have learned, sometimes to our grudging cost, is also money.
But not always grudging. Charity we give as well we can and willingly. Our normal dues, no problem, we agreed on them in the initial contract and continue to vote for the agreed amount every year. .
But when masonry means millions (of pounds, euros or stock actions and shares) are we really still talking about the same sort of masonry? The sort we joined (before the corruption took over)?
The GLNF, as it is,  means millions: in cash, stocks and shares and real estate. Who does it belong to? Probably to us, the members of the GLNF. But prove it!
So, must we deploy all our efforts in trying to get our hands on it all? We'd save a penny (or two!)
Perhaps a few court cases, if conducted quickly, might give us an answer ibn the next ten years.
In ten years we may no longer be here.
In the last two years, I have seen many a good brother and friend quit the GLNF. Many have joined other forms of masonry, because they don't want to cease being a mason, but only to get out of this corrupt system and putrid atmosphere.
In ten years, there will be no brothers such as those still hanging on tto the slim hope of a solution, a new foundation, a renewed normal system of regular lodge meetings held in harmony and respect.
So, to save a penny or even a pound, if that means we have to wait for court cases to clear up the questions of who owns what, let's just draw a line under the present situation, forget the losses  and get on with creating a new Regular Masonic body for France.
Addendum: when I say forget the losses, that is diplomatic  humbug!  I should say, put them aside while we get on with creating a new "obedience". But by no means should we let go of the noose that dangles around a few necks. Even if it does take us ten years to recover our monies and estate, we must keep the judicial system awake and a-work on the question.
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joaben 05/10/2011 10:17

I fully agree with your position.

We have to separate :

- masonic wills : This need to create organisation where we can practice a fully regular masonery. Do not wait from GLNF structures.

- associative aspects : on this point we can stay participants in the association GLNF, pay fees(when they are regularly voted) be very careful to prevent dilapidation of GLNF capital and go on
legal procedures to recover this capital and inject it into the new structure. It may last years, but we have plenty of time, this way.

Winnie 05/10/2011 15:34

Brother Joaben,

I don't want to leave the GLNF where I have spent so many wonderful moments with my Brethren, where, in Lodge, I have found the harmony and spiritual
satisfaction I was seeking when I entered masonry 11 years ago. But François Stifani is forcing us into a position that if the European Grand Lodges offer us the possibility of labouring in
regular Freemasonry here in France I'd be tempted to go for it. Notice I didn't mention recognition, which is a secondary issue. 

The question of the assets linked to the GLNF can be dealt with by the courts, even if it takes years. There are rumours that the GLNF is going to deny
access to their buildings to the Higher grades. Where I labour we don't have a problem. The Temple is wholly owned by one of the Lodges.