Scoop !!! Italy suspends recognition of the GLNF

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On June 21st the Regular Grand Lodge of italy suspended recognition of the

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Arturusrex 06/28/2011 22:59

who is not going to withdraw recognition of the stifani organisation?
The curious thing here, in respect of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, is that it is not recognised by the GLNF!!!!
it is recognised by the UGLE through some curiosity of international masonic arrangements, whereas the only official Recognition with Italy for the GLNF is with the Gran Oriente d'Italia.
Anyway, the French brethren of the still not yet defunct GLNF are delighted to be "de-recognised" by those with whom we had no protocol of recognizance!
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes!

alex 06/27/2011 09:49

Dear All, Unforunately GLRI, even recognized by UGLE is not the major masonic obedience in Italy. It was a split from GOI (grande Oriente d'italia) in 1993 and it was immediately recognized by UGLE
and masonic obediences linked with UGLE as GLNF. On 01/12/2007 or 2008 Stifani recognized the GOI instead of GLRI so this is a without effect paper such as GLRI stop to recognize an obedience
(GLNF) that does not recognize it (GLRI) since 2 or 3 years
Fraternal Regards Alex