SCOOP !!! Stifani de Monaco, not on your life !!!

Published on by Winnie

Another Grand Lodge has decided it has had enough of our little dictator. And not the least.


Remember how François Stifani pushed and shoved to get an invitation to the most glittering occasion of the season, the consecration of the Grande Loge Régulière de la Principauté de Monaco, not even 12 months ago (February 19th, 2011 to be exact). His initial insistence caused a diplomatic incident with Prince Albert writing to the Quai d’Orsay, the French Foreign Ministry. Pushing and shoving continued for quite some time. But the combined royal forces of the Duke of Kent and Prince Albert won the day. The consecrating Grand Lodges were the UGLE, The United Grand Lodge of Germany …         …and the GLNF,


but without François Stifani !!!


The GLNF was represented by Big Moustache who footed the bill for buckets of bubbly to try to save the day. To no avail. Over the ensuing months a litany of Grand Lodges have pulled the plug on the GLNF by way of suspension of relations or withdrawal of recognition.


And now it’s Monaco’s turn !!! Less than 12 months after its consecration one of the newest Grand Lodges on the international block has severed ties with what could be construed to be its Mother Lodge.


The Grand Master, Jean-Pierre PASTOR, wrote to François Stifani today, January 25th, informing him of his decision to suspend relations with the GLNF. As soon as Winnie works out how to post it, I’ll be able to show you the letter in both English and French. But take it as truth, folks, …


…Stifani de Monaco is no longer welcome on the the ROCK !!! 

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Comment on this post

Bro Baldrick 01/25/2012 21:48

I thought proper Masonic protocol was for communications between Grand Lodges to take place between their respective Grand Secretaries. Strange that the letter was written by the GM of Monaco and
addressed directly to FS.

Winnie 01/25/2012 23:25

It's a young Grand Lodge and is probably more used to royal protocol than masonic conventions. Be that as it may, they've slammed the door in Stifani's face
and good upon them !

Bro Baldrick 01/25/2012 19:40

Found it! It's at the tail end of a comment made by pitbull last night on the PACA site...

Winnie 01/25/2012 21:36

Much supposition in Pitbull's comment and no evidence to back it up. If anyone had heard that Big Moustache had pulled the plug it would be César. He's got a
better ring of informers than J. Edgar Hoover.

Brother Baldrick 01/25/2012 19:34

I'm not surprised. On a slightly different tack, I think I read somewhere else on the Myosotis sites today (and I can't remember where)that the Big Moustache has resigned his membership of the GLNF
- is that correct or am I talking out of my derrière?

Winnie 01/25/2012 21:32

Brother Baldrick,

I think you've been at the cooking sherry again. No chance of Big Moustache resigning. There's too much "metal" at stake.