Scotland says « Non » immediately, England in September, Ireland ???

Published on by Allan Sanders

A few days ago LML in English came out of the starting blocks before the gun. Nevertheless, the news we announced is now confirmed. The three Home Grand Lodges held their annual tripartite meeting in Dublin last week and obviously the catastrophic and worsening situation of the GLNF was an important element of the discussions. Decisions were taken jointly and the individual results are already posted on the public place.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland has withdrawn recognition of the GLNF with immediate effect, confirming their initial suspension of Recognition taken 12 months ago. link

The UGLE will present its recommendation of definitive withdrawal of Recognition to the next meeting of the Board of General Purposes in September. LINK GLNF Position GLUA GSec to ProvGMs on GLNF 17.07.2012 GLNF Position GLUA GSec to ProvGMs on GLNF 17.07.2012 The wording of the communiqué from the grand Secretary is quite clear; members of the UGLE who also hold membership of the GLNF must choose between one or the other. Most of those in this position are English brethren with some sort of attachment in France. The logical decision will be to sever ties with the GLNF. We at LML in English feel strongly for you Brethren who find yourself in this unenviable predicament. Only you can decide the position you wish to take. We would dearly like to see a one-off agreement for you with the UGLE allowing you to hold membership of a Grand Lodge in France (my option would be the GL-AMF) but are under no illusions as to the possible success of such a request.

The third party to the tripartite meeting, Ireland, must have participated in the decision but at this point we have no information whatsoever as to their position.

Meanwhile, in France, Ephesse finds himself in exactly the position many of us have wished upon him for the past 31 months, between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, he knows he has been cut off from the UGLE, on the other, he is confronted with Miss Monique who has announced a “definitive solution to the GLNF crisis” without providing details. Confronted with the legal imbroglio that offers no way out the only interpretation we can give to her announcement is that she intends to take up the option suggested by a judge and place the GLNF into liquidation.

In the meantime, the membership numbers of the GL-AMF continue at a steady rhythm; the latest figures being 460 Lodges and 9117 brethren enrolled. Based upon the figures announced some months ago by Pisan (1630 lodges and 43000 Brethren in the GLNF) that represents a defection of 28% of Lodges and 21% of Brethren in less than 3 months. Would the last Brother leaving please turn out the lights !!!

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Philippe Christian 07/19/2012 19:56

Go to read the Blog l'EXPRESS for the IRELAND..
Now, it's full.
Fraternally yours

Allan Sanders 07/19/2012 23:33

See the LML in English article