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Brethren, for the past 16 months Winnie has been informing you of the day to day evolution of the GLNF crisis. Well, Winnie has had enough.


The publication of the names of the 10 candidates for Grand Master, the “squeezing” of 5 others, in particular Christophe Degny and Alain Juillet, has tipped the scales.


The GLNF as we knew it in the past is dead. The ideals Winnie aspired to when he joined the Obedience 12 years ago have long since disappeared, replaced by a frenetic race for blue aprons, glitter and dead boring titles beginning with “Grand” this or that. The international Masonic world has turned its back on a once proud Obedience. But its current management remains blind to such happenings and aloof to the calls for change from the grass roots Brethren.


The administrative has over-ridden the spiritual, National and Provincial Officers try to make us believe their titles put them above the Brethren. They have misunderstood that their role is an ungrateful one, to serve the Lodges and the Brethren. In their eyes it is the reverse.


Wielding a pen like a rapier, Grand Secretaries, both National and Provincial, suspend, exclude and strike off. Twice, entire Provinces have disappeared at the stroke of a poison quill. Winnie has written registered letter after registered letter to his PGM. Answers received ? Not a single one !!!


In a frantic campaign to retain power, Ephesse and his praetorian Guard of Cano, Balloo the Legal Bear, Henry the Beancounter, Jacquet, etc, use every trick in the legal book to delay court proceedings and interpret judgements with deforming spectacles. And the few PGMs who remain loyal to the Pisan 3rd floor undertake suicide missions (of their own volition or piloted by Pisan, we don’t know) vandalising a Temple, threatening a recalcitrant Provincial Officer with African voodoo or using anti-Semitic standover tactics against a Myosotis moderator who is also a devout, practicing Jew. And this is happening inside a so-called Masonic Obedience in the 21st century, where we are supposed to cultivate tolerance, to seek improvement, to build. 


Enough is enough. Winnie has fought day in and day out , month after month, hoping to save the edifice from within. But the verdict has come in. The walls are rotten right down to the foundations and the only viable firm capable of doing the necessary reconstruction work hasn’t even been asked to tender.


Winnie has downed tools on the GLNF construction site. Like the medieval journeyman who went from cathedral site to cathedral site, Winnie has decided to move on and put his total effort into the construction of the new Obedience, a challenge of a lifetime.


Regrets he has (you don’t walk away from 12 years of effort without some emotion), but he knows he’s not alone. The vast majority of Brethren of his Mother Lodge and the Lodge of which he is now WM have taken the same path. And on the way he has met Tamino, Sirius Black, Silence Dogood, Anaxagore, Arturusrex and a host of others and we’ve all enjoyed a “p’tit jaune” with César at the Bar de la Marine.


We will all be too occupied with laying the foundations of the new Obedience to be looking back. The GLNF is dead.


Requiescat In Pace


Should you wish to express your disappointment at the passing of a once dignified and elegant lady condolences can be addressed to Ephesse himself or, even better, give him a call. He left the contact details in his latest tear jerker sent to members of the SGC. link


 e-mail :                            mobile phone : + 33 (0) 6 30 30 79 79


And since the GLNF is dead, Winnie no longer needs to hide behind a pseudo. Where does “Winnie” come from ? If you’re very old, a sort of civil “seven years and more” and you have a copy of “Winnie the Pooh” of the pre-Disney, A.A. Milne period, turn to the 2nd part of chapter one.


“Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last Friday, Winnie the Pooh lived in a forest all by himself under the name of Sanders.”


Allan Sanders : matricule 56724

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Alferd de Talebonjour 03/26/2012 16:27

Dear Brother Winnnie,
First of all, I apologize for my english : I am french.
Thank you so much for not censoring my email and for your answer.
My opinion about the british despise is due to the lack of response from the UGLE to the misconducts of our grand masters since about twenty years.
I met british masons whose portrait you give.
Anyway, you’re the very first one who gives me such an answer. It makes me feel better.
I shall not discuss now about the workings in instruction lodges. In the three french rites, it consists mainly in adapting the ritual to the opinions of their guardian angels, but it is not the
present problem.
Murat would be the worst result ? Yes, but he is not the only one. For example, Heyraud has the same lack of program.
If the UGLE gives its recognition back to the GLNF having elect such a grand master, it will solve no problem. We need a new structure, not the present one which is a bad copy of the british
The british pattern of obedience cannot be reproduced in France. We have no king, and we are too latin. We need something a little more democratic, even if not as much as in the irregular french
So :
What may we know ?
What may we hope ?
What must we do ?

Alfred de Talebonjour is what we call in french a “feather name”. Prophane may read the messages on a blog.
Fraternally yours,

Allan Sanders 03/27/2012 12:54

Your English is quite good enough for this column. We are not angling for a Pulitzer ! Don't be too hard on the UGLE. Someone has to be the backmarker. Yes,
there have been many times over the past 28 months where i've felt like phoning the Duke of kent and complaining about their lack of reactivity. But they stand by the principle of
non-interference and they hoped for an internal solution. That will not be. So don't be surprised if the recognition of the GLNF is withdrawn definitively in June. That would really put the cat
among the pigeons. And it would open the door just a little on an eventual recognition of the new GL-AMF.

Concerning the candidates for Friday's farce, there are only 2 :

- Stifani or one of his clowns


-Jean Murat

The best result for the GL-AMF would be Stifani and Co. The Brethren would flock to the new structure.

When you analyse the proposed masonic and civil organisation of the GL-AMF, it is perfectly democratic and places the Lodge at the centre of our

I  look forward to seeing you at the consecration on April 28th.


And don't worry about an alias. Be proud to be a Freemason and let people know. I only used the "Winnie" alias because I wasn't seeking reprisals from
Stifani or my Province which has toed the Pisan line for the past 16 months. Now I don't care because the GLNF days are behind me. My sights are fixed on the GL-AMF.

George Philpott 03/24/2012 02:08

I am really looking forward to getting to france to live, and excited by the chance to join in what could be agreat adventure in setting up the new French Grand Lodge! I think you may be right:
once the GLNF finally implodes, it may well not be long before recognition of the new one begins in earnest.. I hope UGLE does not drag it's feet in recognition. (it's not the fastest moving
organisation in the world!)

Allan Sanders 03/24/2012 10:56

You'll be welcomed with open arms in the new Grande Loge de l'Alliance Maçonnique Française

Alfred de Talebonjour 03/23/2012 10:02

Dear Brethren,
I wonder if our regular brethren in Europe are aware of negotiations in course between Jean M. and François S., and some others...
The deal is : if you're elect, you let us in peace especially about what newspapers published and about what they could publish in the future.
Fraternally yours,

Allan Sanders 03/23/2012 14:51

Wheels within wheels. The GLNF is rotten to the core. There is no saving it. There is absolutely no interest in talking about it. Time to move on to a much
more exciting project, the creation of a new truly masonic Grand Lodge. Join us. We need Brethren who are willing to roll up their sleeves and labour.

Tony calvert 03/23/2012 09:36

Yes, I think it is time to put the whole thing in the bin
The day it became necessary to resort to the legal system in older to administer Masonic regulations and constitution was the kiss of death. We are primarily about truth charity and good will to
all, no mater of their colour or faith.
I thank you for your diligence in reporting upon this farcical situation and wish you joy in your Masonic life.

Allan Sanders 03/23/2012 14:47

And we look forward to welcoming you to Lodge meetings in the Loire Valley. Since you're no longer a member of the UGLE why not be part of the new Obedience
foundation team, a chance of a lifetime.

george philpott 03/23/2012 00:51

Well, within the next 2 yeaers, I shall be living permanently in France. Sad that I will not be able to join a Lodge as part of a fully functioning Grand Lodge, and will ensure that I am near a TGV
so I can continue my masonry in UK. However, hopefully the "new French GL" will be an adventure, and although I suspect it will be several years before GLNF is erased, and fully de-recognised by
the UGLE, and more before the new French GL can start to be internationally recognised, I look forward to hopefully being part of the emergence of the new French Grand Lodge.

Allan Sanders 03/23/2012 14:48

Brother George,

Don't be so hasty in your conclusions. I feel the lifting of GLNF recognition by the UGLE could come quicker than you
think. And there are already more than the 3 international GLs necessary for recognition that are in favour of recognising the new Obedience. They are not "toy" GLs, they are highly respected
on the international scene and the UGLE will ceretainly take notice of their stance.

We are embarking on a great new masonic adventure. I look forward to welcoming you to one of my Lodge meetings once the UGLE recognition question is sorted