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Send us your ideas



Brethren, you have read the article “Mobilisation for the end of a period” (LML in English, January 5th). At the meeting to be held in early February FMR and Myosotis will propose a new model for the resurrection of the GLNF. Months of brainstorming and reflexion have gone into the creation of this proposal. But due to lack of time and money (we can’t just dip into the GLNF annual fees barrel !!) we haven’t been able to consult each and every Brother of the GLNF, not the least you Anglo-saxophone Brethren. Now is your opportunity: so



Send us your ideas



No one Brother, blog, Myosotis, etc has a monopoly on the vision of how and where the GLNF should go in the future. For the past 13 years the vast majority of us have been happy to sit back and let the team at the top do the thinking and the manoeuvring. The end result is the mess we are in today. Stifanaticus and his fawnicators are very much to blame but we, too, must accept our part. Now, the wheel has turned. Help to keep it turning. Help to ensure it doesn’t get stuck in a rut.



Send us your ideas


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M. de Roxanne 01/08/2011 18:33

Study the Constitutions and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. It is far more democratic than the UGLE (whence originate the problems associated with valuing heavy dark blue aprons more highly
than just about anything else).
Grand and Provincial Grand Officers there are, but they serve a fixed term (sometimes renewable) and then pass on the regalia to their successor. No past ranks. They go back to the apron they wore
before holding the (Provincial) Grand Rank! And they only wear the (Provincial) Grand regalia when ACTING AS (P)GO. Even when in office, they wear their ordinary regalia if not "on duty".
I have a copy of the GLS constitutions and laws here in France. I will be happy to post it on to any group/committee who would like to study it.

Tamino 01/08/2011 18:39

To send ud the GLS constitutions, please use this email adress :