Several European Grand Lodges withdraw recognition of the GLNF ???

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Several European Grand Lodges withdraw recognition of the GLNF ???


It is not yet confirmed but there are strong rumours that at least 4 European Grand Lodges have withdrawn their recognition of the GLNF. At this point Pisan has neither refuted nor confirmed the rumours. We can even say that in a letter dated May 7th and sent to all members of the GLNF, François Stifani, still pretending to be the Grand Master writes at the beginning of the 6th paragraph on page 1, “The GLNF is a regular Obedience…”.

If the GLNF is a regular Obedience on what grounds would the European Grand Lodges withdraw their recognition ? Of course we know the answer…with his constant transgression of the Landmarks while still Grand Master (prior to resigning as President of the GLNF Association and therefore as Grand Master) François Stifani has inevitably placed the GLNF in irregularity.


The rumours suggest that the Grand Lodge of Poland has informed Pisan by e-mail of its withdrawal of recognition with registered mail confirmation to follow and that the 4 grand Lodges of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg have taken the same decision.


But to every cloud there is a silver lining. Without international recognition the GLNF delegation (headed up by our Ex Grand Master) will be unable to participate in the international gathering of regular Obediences later this month in Bolivia, an economy of at least 50000 euros for the coffers of the GLNF.

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Arturusrex 05/08/2011 13:52

Dear Winnie
This is strictly private, of course.
I feel abashed (but not abated) that you should call me by my real name, although I have always hidden behind a Latin nom de plume.
You see (I presume you see) that King Arthur could be a symbol of dissension between the various parishes of the British Isles and the rest of the celtic world that claim to have been my
Now, I dearly love my anglo-saxon brethren of Wessex and elsewhere, my breton faithfuls and, of course, the real celts of north of the Wall (Hadrian's). Not to mention my dear Brethren of Galicia.
I would like the Round Table to be a symbol of our unity. But it must also be the symbol of the penalties that will be enacted on the unfaithful.
I am delighted to know that, in fact, my ancestors came from Armenia and that Arturus is a Wolf. The present state of masonry is developing to include the "Eastern" regions, if they are virtuous
and to exclude others, if they are not.

Winnie 05/08/2011 14:17

Dear Arthur,

As true masonic Brothers we don't need titles !!! And my 100% celtic blood (Scottish and Irish) embraces you, be it on the cliffs at Tintagel or beneath the
oaks of Brocéliande. I understand the "eastern" branch of the clans is gathered this weekend at Kiev and that far-reaching decisions have been taken. In true, traditional Masonry only good can
come from the "East".May the light of their deliberations go as far as the Mediterranean hordes gathered at Antibes, home of "vicious elements !!!

For further information read "SCOOP" on LML in English !!!



Chicon au gratin 05/08/2011 12:54

I agree Arturusrex. This way to do has many advantages. In 1913 when Lord Hamptill recognised the future GLNF, there were few Lodges. Nevertheless, little by little, this new GL has increased.

A district of UGLE, is conceivable, not to leave FF BB without GL which is nearly the today the dramatic situation.

Then, later new french GL could be consecrated by UGLE.

Does UGLE consider this way to do, that is the question.

Winnie 05/08/2011 13:45

Dear Brother Chicon au Gratin,

Wait just a few minutes. You'll be able to read a genuine "SCOOP" on LML in English.



Arturusrex 05/08/2011 11:50

With the irregularity of the GLNF openly declared and recognition withdrawn, we will now be in not only the position but the obligation to found a new regular masonic body for France. This could be
given the distinction of being a "district" of one of the other regular Grand Lodges. Why not the UGLE? It would instantly acquire the adhesion (which we shall need to monitor and filter carefully)
of a vast majority of the now nearly defunct GLNF. The founders of the new body can ensure before severing all legal links of theirs to the "obedience" that the real estate and monies of the GLNF
still sub judice continue to be the subject of our claims for restitution.
So many false starts and wet squibs now look a little more concrete. Of the ritual "trilogy" I put forward as my main one: HOPE!

Winnie 05/08/2011 12:35

Dear Brother "King Arthur", Without international recognition and having severed all relations as of yesterday with the 3 major French jurisdictions in
France François Stifani has painted himself and the GLNF ito a corner on the other side of the room from the only door !!! Like you I feel that the only solution is the creation in France of a
recognised "branch" of another Grand Lodge (why not the UGLE ?). Of course, with the proviso that François Stifani, his cohorts and the GLNF itself and the various satellite structures be the
subject of legal pursuits to recover the assets and place before the courts of the land those who have committed wrong.