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police à pisanSerious incident occurs at Pisan


Late in the afternoon yesterday, September 29th, a scandalous incident occurred at the entrance to the GLNF headquarters.


VWBro Yves J…., Assistant Provincial Grand Master, a 65 year old grandfather, dressed to attend the consecration of a new Lodge, well known to the Pisan Tyler, attempted to enter the building.


Since September 27th a security firm has been controlling the entrance to Pisan, ostensibly to verify if Brethren have the little blue sticker on their GLNF membership card, proof that they have paid the “illegal” exceptional contribution. It is important to note that for the most part, even those who have paid this iniquitous levy, have yet to receive the little blue sticker.


Back to MWB Yves J… : Refusing to show his card (he was entering “HIS” building), he found himself thrown to the ground, seized by the ankles and dragged along the floor to the exit. This scandalous incident took place before the eyes of numerous shocked Brethren.


And to add insult to injury VWBro Yves J… is up to date with his dues and has even paid the illegal contribution !!!


Our Brother Yves J…has lodged a formal complaint with the police and the public prosecutor. link


How low has the GLNF management sunk (Miss Monique, ephesse the impostor and Henry the Beancounter) that they now resort to employing gorillas to filter the Brethren who have every right to enter the building that they have financed with their overly expensive dues.


Each and every member of the GLNF, all 43000 of us, should write to Miss Monique demanding that she inform us who authorised and signed the contract with Gorillas Incorporated and how much of the GLNF dwindling reserves will be soaked up in this infamous exercise.




By Winnie
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