Shame, shame, shame on you !!!

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Shame, shame, shame on you !!!


The incident has been widely reported on numerous Myosotis blogs. Being closest to where it all happened you can consult the Maine Atlantique Myosotis blog link.


For the past 18 months the Brethren of Maine Atlantique have benefited from their new temple building at Carquefou in the Nantes suburbs. A building with 2 temples, offices for the Provincial administration, a dining room and kitchen, a museum with an good initial collection of pieces donated by Brothers of the Province, a Provincial home for 10 craft Lodges and 7 Lodges of Perfection and Chapters, a home of which all Brethren can be justifiably proud.


To commemorate the inauguration of the building an engraved plaque had been installed. The inscription reads :


“The PGM, Jacques B….t, President of the SAIMA (the legal structure created to own and manage the building – translator’s note) opened the site …. enabling the Province to be master of its real estate property. September 9th, 2009, the first Lodge meeting took place. The support and participation of the PGOs, the WMs, the Brothers of the Province and their wives, by financial contribution, donations, by their presence and their generosity, have contributed  to the outfitting of this locale and the creation of our museum. Thanks to all. The worksite continues, Brothers who join us, bring your stone to the Community !”


A classic dedication… and Masonic as well. It stresses the importance of the freely given time, support and work of Brethren and their wives, inviting those that join in the future to remember the effort of those who came before them and to continue the good work.


You don’t need reminding of the the place of the Spirit of  Darkness in the legend of Hiram.  Early last week the Spirit of Darkness wormed his way into the black heart of a bad Fellow Craft, in fact, a recently appointed Provincial Grand Officer who tore down the plaque and broke it !!! Simply because the name of the Most Worthy Provincial Grand Master Jacques B….t was on it, the PGM who was in charge of the Province in 2009, who in fact created the Province, a Brother to whom all Brethren owe a great deal, not only at Provincial level, but at National level as well. A Brother of whom each one of us has every reason to be proud.


An unthinkable act of vandalism perpetrated by a mason, in total contradiction of all our masonic values, in particular our Duty of Transmission, each of us being merely a link in the chain between those who came before us and those who will follow us.


This vandal is a Grand Provincial Officer, high up the Provincial ladder, he has admitted to doing it, and, to date, no other member of the Provincial College has “officially” condemned his act. No-one can claim to be unaware of the incident because 3 Brothers from Nantes, outraged by this senseless act, made the vandal promise in writing that he would replace the plaque with an identical one at his personal expense. The same 3 Brothers contacted the new PGM, J-M H……t asking him to deal with the subject.


As this article is being written, the Vandalising Brother has not resigned and the PGM has not sanctioned him.


Shame on you, the Vandalising Brother for what you did.


Shame on you, Provincial Grand Master of Maine Atlantique Province J-M H…….t for not sanctioning your Vandalising Grand Provincial Officer.


Shame on you, EX-Grand Master François Stifani for not demanding that your Maine Atlantique Provincial Grand Master J-M H…….t at least suspend the Vandalising Grand Provincial Officer pending an appearance before the National Disciplinary

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Maitre de Roxanne 02/14/2011 20:29

I am puzzled by this multiple negative: "A Brother of whom none of us has not the slightest reason to not be proud."

The triple negative indicates a true negative; i.e. that we have no reason to be proud of him, and with that I concur. However, I think the writer intended the opposite, possibly because he does
not know as much as I do concerning Jack the Butcher.
I do not approve of the vandal who tore down and destroyed the plaque before it was democratically agreed that it was inappropriate to have such a plaque. I am sure that in the fullness of time the
Limoges Masons will remove the J..n D....y plaque from their headquarters, and the Nantes Masons will remove the J.....s B.....r from theirs.
Jack the Butcher, during the time I knew him, was just like John the printer of Limoges. Purely a seeker of rank and heavy aprons, with no real understanding of Freemasonry.
The butcher joined the Mark Degree but only ever attended on the day of his advancement! It became clear that he joined only to be sure of receiving the summons, so he could know which of his
A&A brethren had joined, so he could block their future advancement in the 33 degree system. I could give further examples of his total lack of understanding of Freemasonry, but this comment is
long enough without.

Winnie 02/15/2011 10:35

Sorry about the triple negative. Rushing to get the article published. The error will be corrected immediately. Concerning Jacques B....t, everyone has the right ot his opinion. I've only known
him for 11 years. He has done remarkable work for Maine Atlantique. What's more, the plaque recognises the contributions made by the brethren of the province. The identity of the culprits in now
known, thanks to the video surveillance camera; Y..s D.....T, the PG Orator, B.....d O.....n, also PO and brother-in-law of the current PGM and the 3rd is B.R., WM of Stellar Luminis, a Lodge in