Solace for English Brethren belonging in France

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The following reassuring message came through to me in the deepest, darkest depths of the French Republic, from an English Brother much involved in French masonry:
"Here is the answer I received from my lodge Secretary when I informed him I was a member of a French Lodge and I do not visit, I attend my French Lodge"

Dear W.Bro. J

 I have now been advised (verbally) by the Provincial Grand Secretary that as you are a member of a Royal Arch Chapter in France, that there is nothing incompatible in you continuing to visit a Chapter in France to which you belong.

Grand Lodge have asked that Brethren and Companions in England do not make visits as visitors, but as a member of a Lodge or Chapter in France, that it is perfectly in order for you to continue with attendance.    Yours sincerely and fraternally,

         B     Lodge Secretary


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