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From La Lumière Blog, run by François Koch of the Express, the following comment by a reader well expresses many of our gnawing questions that have escaped all straight answer so far. Now, after Me Legrand, the Administrator of the GLNF, has been heard for the first time by the Police, perhaps we can look forward to an honest probing into these matters.

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Comment by DRXU

It is important to find out if the ex-GM has not used the GLNF’s  money to pay the legal fees of the lawyer defending Séb. Dul accused of slandering Claude Seiler in the GLNF Acacia find out if he didn’t also use the GLNF’s money to pay other lawyers involved in suits against brethren for “unfair competition” (!).


It could be important to know who paid for Stifani’s latest travels (to Cartagena in South America, South Africa…) albeit after having given his resignation at the beginning of the year.


It could be just as important, although not coming under the present inquiry, to find out if his predecessor wasn’t guilty of misappropriation of interest at the expense of Hôpital Assistance Internationale by charging the NGO of which he is the President for warehousing and upkeep of medical equipment through the intermediary of two companies belonging to his Foellner Holding: SPAM and Digitech Provence.


It would be interesting to know why Œuvre d’Assistance Fraternelle (OAF, (supposed to aid masons in difficulty and also having JCF as President) contributed some 600,000 (six hundred thousand) euros to the founding of the “GLNF Foundation for the Promotion of Mankind” (also presided by JCF) and why it holds 20% of shares in SCRIBE.


Interesting it would be to know  why Scribe, of which the declared business is to sell books and Masonic articles, is in charge of the Pisan car-park and why money collected from that, (i.e. a lot of money!, in cash, of course), does not show up in Scribes accountancy books.


And it would be interesting to know why the magazine GLNF Actualités is billed at least twice the amount printers normally charge.


I hope the Finance Brigade of the Judicial Police will be able to find the answers to these questions and many others (for example, who sold the Avenue Wagram apartment in Paris to the GLNF?)

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