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Pressure is building up around fears that our administrator is no less devious than the Stifani lot. Other articles are being translated for you. This one is fresh from the plume of Tamino, on today’s LML Blog.

Translation Arturusrex

Yesterday, by means of the official GLNF communication, wrote to every member asking for an exceptional payment of dues which, although not voted in General Assembly, (nearly one year overdue!), would be the same amount as the previous year. Ms Legrand also tells us that she is being particularly watchful over the finances of the Association.

Does her scrupulousness cover even what amounts to her refusal to present the accounts as she engaged to do within eight days, when with Me. Taitgen on the 2nd of March. Her attitude seems strikingly similar to that of the out-gone team: mind your own business, pay, we’ll deal with it all.

She is slipping very clearly into that attitude of laissez-faire, let it all go to rot, that won for her a few spots of bother when, in similar conditions, she administered the French Federation of Equestrian Sports. You can read their site from this link site at this address. Edifying. It could have been written by us!

As we said yesterday, she takes us for a bunch of nincompoops.

So, what about the financial situation? How stands it?

If we are to credit the Administrator with an iota of trust in her call for cash, the treasury is empty. Ms. Legrand, tell us, then, why you authorize world-wide travel to this now defunct team of nobodies. After La Reunion Isle,  Guadeloupe, Monaco, and now, as we have just learned, for eleven of the defunct and therefore un-entitled, including the ex-GM, are off on a spree to Mauritius (link l’ile Maurice) , while, simultaneously, the ex DGM will be in Catalonia.

Mauritius?! What a coincidence!  A few of the « brothers » have their personal interests in that Isle !

Ms Legrand, tell us now, tell us more: where have the GLNF financial funds gone? The Financial Summary (link consultation du bilan) published in view of the fabled General Meeting, pluri-located, and multiply tied up in inescapable measures of delusionary waffle, held on October 16th  shows a sum of  17.783 million Euros. There have indeed been expenses since then, but there have also been monies in.

Do not take us for a bunch of imbeciles!

We will not pay one centime until the truth is known concerning monies circulating between the satellites of the GLNF, concerning the identity of its suppliers and the amounts and whereabouts of the funds of the GLNF; nor until the General Assembly you were appointed to organize “immediately” is announced and, above all, not until the sole cause of all, Mr Stifani, is off the premises.

Ms Legrand, you appear to be providing great support to this team no one wants. You are bringing to fruition the work of the ex-GM, destruction.

Something really escapes us.

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georges lafayette 03/08/2011 20:01

J’ai trouvé deux liens intéressants concernant le responsable des affaires juridiques…. A lire sans modération !!!!!
en plus il parle de Flypole…….donc de l’ex-Président.
Et de JCF…..
sans commentaire….