Statutes of the Union of Regular French Lodges

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The following statutes of the Union of Regular French Lodges have been issued on the blog of the Union, http://www.ulrf.over-blog.comb   

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(*) Disclaimer:  All queries and disputes arising from these articles refer back to and must be addressed to the original Statutes written in the French language)




Association declared and registered in accordance with the provisions of the Law of July 1st 1901.



Article 1 : Form

Between the undersigned and those who will also have adhered, an association is founded under the Law of July 1st 1901, with the following Statutes.


Article 2 : Name

The Association is named : Union des Loges Régulières Françaises (ULRF)


Article 3 : Object

The object of the Association is to give its members the opportunity to engage in dialogue and reflection encouraging all initiatives to safeguard regularity and preserve international recognition on the basis of our founding principles, while also maintaining the traditional values of regular, French Masonry.


Article 4 : Duration

The duration of the Association is unlimited.


Article 5 : Head Office

The Head Office shall be situated at: 9 rue du Cardinal Mercier 75009 Paris.

It may be transferred to any other address within the same Département following decision by the Conseil d’Administration with the reservation that such decision be ratified at the following Ordinary General Assembly.

Removal of the Head Office to the territorial jurisdiction of a different administrative Département is subject to the sole competence of an Extraordinary General Assembly to approve.


Article 6 : Participation in the Association

Membership of the Association will fall under the following categories: 

Membre actif   -  Private Member

all individual brothers belonging to a lodge constituted under a regular and recognized Grand Lodge who shall have adhered individually  to the foundational Charter (or Warrant) of the Association and its present Statutes.

Membre sociétaire  -  Full Member

all lodges constituted under a regular and recognized Grand Lodge that shall have approved the foundational Charter above mentioned by a majority ballot of two thirds to one. Each lodge joining, within the framework of the present Statutes shall be represented by its reigning Worshipful Master or by any other brother designated by the said lodge thereby and therefor. Every representative of a lodge having Full Membership must also have personal Private Membership.

membre associé -  Associate Member

any individual brother or legal entity showing a manifest interest in the values and causes upheld by the Association.


Article 7 : Resources

The Association’s resources are made up of Joining fees (droits d'entrée), Membership dues (cotisations des membres), subsidies, and, more generally, any income legally authorised for Associations.

Joining Fees and Membership dues are determined by the Board of Administration (Conseil d’Administration) with reservation in respect of their ratification by the Ordinary General Assembly. 

The initial financial period shall start on the day of Constitution of the Association and run until December 31st 2012.

Use of the Association’s resources is made by the Administrative Bureau (Bureau Administratif) in conformity with the aims pursued by the Association and with respect of Laws and Regulations currently in force. Full accounting of the financial year shall be presented for approval by the ordinary General Assembly that shall vote on accepting such financial reports for discharge.


Article 8 : General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of the private members, full members and associate members of the Association.

It is chaired at the administrative level by the Chairman (Président) of the Association and, in the case of his absence, by an associate member designated ad hoc by the Board of Administration. 

It meets in Ordinary Assembly at least once a financial year during the first semester of the calendar year to deliberate and ballot, under the rule of simple majority of those present, on the Chairman’s general report (rapport moral), the statement of general activity (compte rendu d'activité), the accounts for the preceding financial year and the budget for the current year presented by the Board of Administration.

Its proceedings also include, when in Ordinary Assembly, and balloting under the rule of simple majority of   those present or represented, the nomination or renewal of members of the Board of Administration (Conseil d’Administration) in conformity with the methods of designation and durations of tenure to be defined.

It has to ratify the terms of the Bye-Laws, determine the Membership fees and dues and formalize any change of legal address of the Head Office within the same Département.  

No other decision concerning the Association, save other actual stipulation of the statutes, can be made except in Extraordinary Assembly, balloting requiring a vote by the majority of those present or represented.

Meetings of the General Assembly are called by the Board of Administration, which also determines their Order Of Business. They can also be called at the initiative of, and with a main or subsidiary Order of Business, by a majority of Members of the Association.

The Administrative Bureau determines the place and date of the meeting and convenes its members by summons sent either individually or by announcement at least two full weeks (fifteen days) prior to the date of the Assembly.

The General Assembly, open to the public, may only deliberate on items on the Order of Business as set out in the Summons.

Article 9 : Conseil d'Administration  Board of Administration.

The Ordinary General Assembly chooses and designates from within its individual members a Board of Administration composed of between 14 (fourteen) and 35 (thirty five) titular members.

The names of the first members of the Board of Administration appear in the present Statutes for a period of which the duration shall terminate on the date of the first General Assembly to be held following signing of the constituting Statutes.

The Board of Administration may, at any moment, co-opt additional members within the above stated limits, with reservation that such co-optations be ratified by simple majority vote at the earliest Assembly.

Tenure of office by the members of the Board of Administration co-opted during the first financial year may not go beyond that of the founding members of the Board named in the Statutes.

The Board of Administration designates the members of the Administrative Bureau from within its members, by a plain majority vote by those present or represented.

It meets as often as the interests of the Association require and at least four times a year at the initiative of the Administrative Bureau or the majority of its members, who determine the Order of Business.

The President of the Association is responsible for producing the Summons and administratively chairing the meetings of the Board of Administration. Alternatively, should it be necessary, this may be done by an associate member designated ad hoc by the Bureau. 

The Board of Administration deliberates and votes with a majority of its members present or represented.  

It defines the general trends and lines of action of the Association in order to attain its objectives.

It has every latitude to create, in conformity with the methods it will define, all commissions, sections and bodies open to the public that it may consider useful to promote the Association’s activity and attainment of its objectives.

The Board of Administration itself determines its method of internal functioning and particularly the frequency and organization of its meetings.


Article 10 : Administrative Bureau

The Administrative Bureau is composed of between 3 (three) and 7 (seven) members designated as indicated in Article 9 above by the Board of Administration.

The first members of the Administrative Bureau are named and appointed by the present Statutes for the duration of their mandates as members of the Association.

The Administrative Bureau may at any time add to its members by co-optation within the limits of the above indicated maximum number, with reservation that such co-optations be ratified at the earliest meeting of the Board of Administration.

The duration of tenure of the members co-opted during the first administrative period may not exceed that of the first members of the Administrative Bureau appointed by the Statutes.

The Administrative Bureau ensures the financial and administrative management of the Association and legally represents it in relations with third parties in the person of its members.

Internally, it is composed of a Chairman (Président), a Secretary and a Treasurer, designated by the Board of Administration, and to whom the present Statutes give permanent general delegation   to act jointly or severally.

The Chairman presides the Administrative Bureau with power of delegation to one or several other members of the Bureau.



In this capacity, he is particularly responsible for seeing that decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Administration are carried out and that trends and lines of action decided on by the Executive Committee are actually implemented.

He represents the Association in matters of Law and in all aspects of civil contact or dealings with third parties and public or private bodies.

The Secretary holds the registers of the Association and takes and writes the minutes of the meetings of the General Assemblies and Board of Administration.

More generally, he deals, under the authority of the Chairman (Président), with the administrative tasks of the Association. 

The Treasurer, in accord with the Chairman, may open and manage all Post Office or Bank accounts and may make any short term use of monies available that falls within the acceptable limits of the Law and regulations in force.

He controls the correct accountancy and budgetary arrangements of the Association and exerts permanent monitoring of the treasury.

The Administrative Bureau may appoint from within its members one or several deputies to the offices of Secretary and Treasurer empowered to be delegated for the exercise of those offices.

If the Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer were to resign or be incapacitated, the Administrative Bureau designates one of its members to cover the office concerned during the interim period until such time as a new titular holder thereof shall have been designated by the Board of Administration.

The Administrative Bureau itself determines its internal methods of functioning and particularly the frequency and organization of its meetings and deliberations.


Article 11 : Dissolution of the 'Association

Dissolution is pronounced by an Extraordinary General Assembly balloting and obtaining a majority in favour of two thirds of the members present or represented.

If dissolution should be called for, the General Assembly is obliged to appoint immediately, by a simple majority vote by the members present or represented, one or several liquidators.

Assets, if appropriate, are then devolved according to Article 9 of the Law of July 1st 1901 and the Decree of August 16th 1901.


Article 12 : Bye-Laws

The Board of Administration is fully empowered to create and modify its Bye-Laws under the reserve that its arrangements are not contrary to the Statutes and that they be ratified at the nearest General Assembly balloting and obtaining a simple majority in favour.


Article 13 : Formalities

The Chairman or any other person competent that the former might delegate ad hoc is in charge of  complying with all statutory or legal formalities relating to the legal functioning of the Association and, first of all, those relating to its registration. .


Article 14 :First members of the Board of Administration and Administrative Bureau.

The following are nominated and appointed as members of the Board of Administratiuon :



Christian ADAGE

François BABIN


Jacques BRET 


Claude COJA

Philippe CUINIER 

Philippe CUY


Frédéric GARNIER


Léopold JORGE


Dominique MOREAU 

Thierry PERRIN 




Emmanuel REGARD

Claude SEILER 



The following members of the above named Board of Administration are appointed to be the first members of the Administrative Bureau


 -Chairman : Frédéric GARNIER

 -Secretary : Michel GUILLOT

 -Treasurer: Laurent QUIVOGNE 

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