Stif fini ???

Published on by Allan Sanders

At the end of the meeting of PGMs and the « Grand Council » held in Nice last Friday, Ephesse declared via his legal eagle, Balloo the Legal Bear, that he will not stand for a second term of office.

And Balloo added that the designation of the new candidate for Grand Master will be determined at a meeting of the SGC on August 31st, called by … …Ephesse !!!

After 31 months of unprecedented conflict and internal turmoil can the GLNF see the light at the end of the tunnel ? It the Stifani era about to end ? Will the UGLE abandon its stated intention to withdraw recognition of the GLNF ? Will Miss Monique disappear from the picture ?

To all those questions the answer is a firm “NO” !!!

As soon as she heard of Balloo’s statement, Miss Monique declared that she would call the next meeting of the SGC “after the summer holidays”. And the latest prolongation of her appointment by Justice Kurz confirms she has all the powers to do so.

Whether Ephesse or Miss Monique call the meeting and on what date is of little importance. The SGC is not at all representative of the GLNF Brethren. It is composed essentially of puppets put in place by Ephesse, devoted to his every whim and fancy. So it is most unlikely that the SGC will designate a candidate satisfactory to the Lodges and the Brethren.

By tradition the outgoing Grand Master presents his Deputy Grand Master. But the last DGM, Lapdog Cano, “resigned” recently. Did he jump or was he pushed ? Ephesse has declared he will appoint a new DGM shortly. The rumoured name is Jacquet the Riviera Pirate. Such a candidature has the merit of coming from the Riviera coast, as did Charbonniaud, Foellner and Ephesse himself. The clan will be happy. And the stage will be set for a Poutine – Medvedev arrangement. Ephesse continues to pull the strings while his successor wears the biggest blue apron. And after 5 years waiting in the wings Ephesse can make the greatest comeback since Lazarus !!!

We are told that the Ephesse team is making overtures to Great Queen Street to not proceed with the withdrawal of Recognition on September 12th. The UGLE is more than well informed of happenings within the GLNF and this latest pirouette by the Pisan Duce will not change their thinking. Rather it will confirm their resolve to sever all ties with the “French bordel”.

Another question is “Can we be sure that Ephesse will not stand again ?” Nothing is further from the truth. Remember last year when he announced his intention to place his mandate in the hands of the SGC in June 2011 ? More than 12 months later we are still waiting to see him do it.

The whole sad story of the crisis is filled with such broken promises. Miss Monique, when are you going to order the in-depth audit you promised way back in July 2011 ? And, Miss Monique, another question, when are you going to produce the principal ledger, as you have promised to do ? The right to access to the full accounts of an association is a fundamental right the laws covering associations in France. Could it be that there are too many skeletons hiding within the pages of the ledger ?

In the meantime the GL-AMF continues its steady progression with 475 Lodges and a membership of 9406 Brethren. More and more the international masonic community is taking serious notice of this new major player on the French masonic scene, particularly since it maintains a policy of total transparency and adheres totally to the fundamental principles of Regularity. 

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Comment on this post

Mark 07/25/2012 12:18

Why should the very dark blues in GLNF be concerned about UGLE withdrawing recognition? Didn't the GM withdraw GLNF's recognition of UGLE last year (albeit with a pre-dated letter)? I seem to
recall something on your blog about it.

By the way, I thought that the comment about "kissing fanny" was very apt. After following your blog for the last couple of years, it seemed to me that many of GMs cronies have been doing it
continuously (with the American meaning of the word - we would state it sligtly differently this side of the pond!).

Allan Sanders 07/27/2012 10:06

Yes, twelve months ago I reported on the slowest e-mail in history, a whole 7 days to go from Pisan to Great Queen street. When Ephesse heard that the UGLE
had suspended the GLNF (decision on July 7th, made public on the 19th) he backdated an e-mail to July 14th, a highly symbolic date for the nationalistic French, in turn suspending relations with
the UGLE. The only problem is that there is no provision in the GLNF statutes for such a unilateral decision being taken by the Grand Master without consulting the SGC.

Many GLNF Grand >>Officers have been "kissing fanny" (American) for a very long time. If they prefer the English version their mouth has a decided
taste of shoe polish !

Ymlaen 07/25/2012 08:54

The contrast between the recent GL-AMF letter with news of its growth and latest structural developments and François Stifani's letter is striking. It sums up the situation. One positively looking
forward to the future, and the return to simple, spiritual, egalitarian Freemasonry, with check and balances on the material aspects, the other raking over the past in whingeing tones and basically
saying "It's not my fault, it's the others". F.S. will now to choose one of his pals to be the next G.M.. He even considers that anyone who has opposed his actions does not have the legitimacy to
stand as a candidate. We are well shot of it all.

Allan Sanders 07/25/2012 11:38

very well put.

Momo du Cantal 07/24/2012 15:08

Stif...fini but the GLNF has "kissed Fanny": You know this famous game so popular in the south of France called "petanque". Kissing "fanny" means losing the game. The GLNF is cracking apart:
thousands of brethren have resigned, others have been fired... the game has been over for months now. It is sad and painful to leave brethren with whom we have always got on with but who simply
cannot imagine resigning after all these years. What shall we do? Ignore each others? Go on visiting each others when some of us will be stricter than others toward the rules?
Monsieur stifani can be proud of himself: although he was "granting" the unity of the brotherhood, he has destroyed our link he has separated thousands of brethren in my opinion he had no rights to
do so. He must realise that he is fully responsible for the sadness of thousands of brethren.

Allan Sanders 07/25/2012 11:37

GLNF game over !!! It is not only stifani who has brought the castle tumbling about our vears. It's a system consciously orchestrated over a long period for
the benefit of a privileged few at the detriment of most of us. But we are all guilty because we allowed the changes to be made through our apathy. Who really studied thje proposed amendments to
the statutes, etc before voting blindly at the AGMs ? Who dared speak out when the PGM imposed yet another centralizing measure which further diluted the sovereign power of the Lodge

But at least there remains the fraternal choice of recognizing my Brethren. We must be prepared to pardon but that does not oblige us to

Be careful using "fanny" in English. On both sides of the atlantic it refers to a part of the female anatomy but not necessarily the same one in America and
England !