Stifan sends "cribsheets" to the troops

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Stifani sends « cribsheets » to the troops


A long time ago I was a teacher. To help my pupils in their exam preparation I distributed photocopied sheets suggesting ways to tackle the more difficult questions they were likely to be confronted with. It would appear that our self-proclaimed spiritual guide has taken to copying my methods.


In his blog, L’Express journalist, François Koch, link informs us that the Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, the one who continues to believe that he is the boss of the GLNF, has sent 13 cribsheets to “GLNF dignitaries and the Provincial Grand Masters”. With more than 400 “dignitaries” on the Sovereign Grand Committee plus more than 40 Provinces that makes at least 5720 photocopies. The machine on the 3rd floor of the bunker must have been running hot !! did Maître Legrand authorise this exorbitant expenditure. Another question that Maître Teitgen can put to her tomorrow morning !!


The recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace wrote on February 9th :


At our last meeting you expressed the wish to have at your disposal the necessary information tools to give explanations to the Lodges of your Province. We are pleased to send you an information dossier organised in separate notes. Drawn up with the help of eminent Brothers each note treats a question frequently asked by Lodges. Further notes will be produced to complete this file over the next days, treating more practical elements such as the functioning of the Obedience’s budget (translator’s note – How can it function if it hasn’t been voted ?), the use of the Brethren’s fees (translator’s note – How can the fees be used if they haven’t been voted and the brethren haven’t paid ?), etc. We will also edit more circumstantial notes concerning ongoing procedures, their calendar as well as the meeting of the Sovereign grand Committee. We will leave it to you to forward this dossier to the Worshipful Masters and the Brethren (translator’s note - 13 pages distributed to 43000 Brothers = 559000 photocopies = 1120 reams of paper. Maître Legrand, please make sure the taps are really turned off !!!), particularly drawing their attention, under the current circumstances, to a re-reading  of the constitutions of the Order (translator’s note – our spiritual guide continues to confuse “order” and “obedience”)  as well as the statutes and by-laws of the GLNF, which evolve from the Constitutions…… awaiting your contributions and suggestions for eventual improvements….


François Koch was particularly interested in note n° 13 (not always the lucky number !!) “How can the grand Master remain when he is no longer president of the Association ?” This is one of the most important questions since François Stifani resigned and the temporary administrator was named on January 24th.


The note states: “The Grand Master is ipso facto the President of the Association but on the other hand it is possible for the President to not be the Grand Master. And the Masonic Constitutions foresee no arrangement for revoking the Grand Master.” As proof of this the GLNF quotes article 12B of the statutes. Concerning the President, this article states “…the President executes the decisions of the Council and ensures the good functioning of the Association that he represents in justice and in all acts of civil life. He can partially and temporarily  delegate his powers;”.


The writers of this note deduce from this possibility of temporary and partial delegation of the President’s powers that he need not be the grand Master. No need for other explanations to show you that I find this demonstration both beyond comprehension and unbelievable


HELP !!!



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