Stifani : 7 Opposition : 1 = Opposition Won !!!

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Stifani : 7   Opposition : 1  = Opposition Won !!!


Right from the start yesterday’s AGM was a numbers game, and the numbers go right back to the last legitimate AGM on March 25th, 2010 when François Stifani suffered his first reversal.


On that day there were approximately 1900 eligible voters in attendance, approximately 400 members of the Sovereign Grand Committee and 1500 delegates, representing a little under 50% of the total eligible delegates. With such percentages, the result can be considered representative of the mood of the Obedience. And the mood was definitely anti- Ephesse.


Yesterday the numbers were different, very different. But a close analysis shows that the mood of the troops almost 2 years later is still very anti-Ephesse, probably even more so.


The GLNF has approximately 1650 Lodges. Nobody but Ephesse himself and Henry the Beancounter knows exactly how many. But with 1650 Lodges there are 3300 delegates plus a Sovereign Grand Committee of about 450. Once again, only the direct link between the Great Architect and the Brethren and his beancounter know exactly how many.


3300 + 450 = 3750 eligible voters.




despite “Brass Monkeys” temperatures

despite the disappearance of 2 entire Provinces

despite the industrial scale striking off of several thousands of Brethren

despite the wholesale suspension of God only knows how many Lodges

despite the now too famous “Black List”

despite the incomprehensible nature of recent court rulings

despite a heavily orchestrated campaign by the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda to persuade the Brethren that there was no point in attending the AGM

despite an equally orchestrated campaign by the same ministry to persuade the Stifanatics to attend

despite the numerous pirouettes by Miss Monique

despite her persistence to hold an AGM that was guaranteed to be a fiasco from go to whoa


Ephesse got an enormous pie in the face !


More than a thousand delegates discovered upon arrival that they were ineligible to vote because their Lodge had not paid the total amount of the 2011 – 2012 dues (which have never been and could not be legally called).


In the hall there were exactly 969 Brethren who had obtained the jackpot voting machine. With a Sovereign Grand Committee composed of ex-officio members and the rest personally selected by Ephesse himself, that leaves just 519 Lodge delegates representing 260 Lodges, a mere 16% of the GLNF !


And if I told you Miss Monique thanked those present for the “DEMOCRATIC” nature of the AGM !!!


To give you a telling example of this magnificent display of masonic democracy :


Back in January 2010 François Stifani wiped the entire Val de Loire province off the map, replacing it by the Loire Coeur de France Province, a number of Brethren who preferred to knuckle under. Potrentially yesterday there were 31 Lodges of that Province eligible to vote. How many got to vote ? Not a single one !!! Zero out of 31 !!!


The same booth was handling the neighbouring Maine Atlantique Province, 39 Lodges. How many got to vote  in Maine Atlantique ? Nine out of 39 !!!


In two Provinces there were only 9 Lodges out of 70 that won the voting machine lottery, a mere 13 % !!!


And Miss Monique has the gall to talk about democracy !!!


Once delegates learned their democratic right to representation was denied them, they formed an extremely long queue to present the complaint in writing to a huissier de justice (court bailiff). Hundreds of delegates did so.


The entire AGM was orchestrated to ensure that things went Stifani’s way. Those with the voting machines were placed close to the podium. The rest of us were “down the back”. And the welcoming remarks by Mr Belleil of (Gorillas Incorporated) set the tone. He delicately told us that any person causing the slightest disturbance to the proceedings would be “removed by the bodyguards” ! And the proceedings were being filmed and photographed, those would remain in Miss Monique’s possession until the end of all court proceedings ! And he “encouraged” us to not photograph or film proceedings with our mobile phones ! All in the best Stalinian tradition !


The audit firm employed by Miss Monique, represented by Mr Bellot, took the usual line of no risk in pronouncing the figures correct and in conformity with their appointment. The opposition has never seen the principal ledger, despite Miss Monique’s promise to do so in front of witnesses, including Mr Bellot. Maybe Winnie is indulging in some wishful thinking but I detected a certain inference from Mr Bellot that he had not seen all !


Henry the Beancounter did a brilliant demonstration that he knows how to count beans. And he convinced none of us down in “cattle truck” class ! In “La vérité si je mens III”, a film recently released here in France, there’s a great line : “If I have to tell the truth, why do I need an accountant ?” !!!


There were 8 resolutions out of 11 that required a vote. The 7 concerning the accounts covering past exercises, the budget and the current dues were all passed with a majority of 58% to 60%, hardly a resounding victory considering that 46% represented the captive Sovereign Grand Committee.


The surprise came with the most important resolution, presented and proposed by Miss Monique’s personal lawyer, Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin who has represented her so often before Justice Kurz,  a magistrate whose interpretations of the law puzzle even the most erudite legal eagles. The resolution was carefully worded and failed to name François Stifani. It called upon the delegates to ratify the appointment of the GLNF Association President. Result :


For : 393 ( 40.73%)

Against : 555 (57.51%)

Abstentions : 17 ( 1.76%)


François Stifani is no longer President of the GLNF Association ! And it’s not a judge who has decided, it’s the GLNF Brethren who voted “democratically” !!! Imagine the result if it had been a genuinely “democratic” AGM !!!


You should have seen Henry the Beancounter’s face as he left the room. His Master’s Voice is no longer ! It could be the beginning of the end for he who has steadfastly refused to supply Miss Monique with all the details.


The AGM ended with Miss Monique targeting the opposition, blogs, etc, accusing us of attacking and insulting her. It is not the person who has been attacked, but her all too obvious inactivity, her complicity with the Pisan dictatorship, her lack of decision, her ineptitude, her unkept promises, the strange interpretations of the GLNF texts by herself and her pompous lawyer and her haughty treatment of any opposition.


Faced with a monumental pie in the face the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda has rushed out a new “Brevda” claiming that even the massively rejected resolution is a milestone victory. They obviously failed to see the massive smile on the face of Opposition Pilot Committee chairman, Alain Juillet, as he left the assembly !


One thing certain came out of yesterday’s AGM : the creation of a new Obedience is more than ever of actuality. We know that the first meeting occurred last Thursday.


Yesterday’s refusal to allow hundreds of Lodges to express their feelings is a guarantee of a flood of new subscriptions to the ULRF in the coming days.

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Arturusrex 02/06/2012 21:59

Winnie you are right, we will need a new name. But do you know how many possible new names Stifani has already imagined and registered as his property so that they will not be useable? SEVENTEEN

Winnie 02/07/2012 09:15

For this who speak French, he has even come up with one concocted specially for the hero of Harcourt Photographic Studio : GLLOQ !

John Sage 02/05/2012 21:19

Well, what can I say. I never went to the AGM. No point as I and my Lodge are on the honours list otherwise known as being blacklisted. Looks to me a bit one sided but the main vote vindicates
everything. FS is just another member! Regarding Miss Monique feeling that the opposition has attacked her, bollocks! This has been about FS and his cronies in Pisan. However, if Miss Monique and
her entourage had been truly impartial she would not be the butt of some of the comments. Personally I would love to launch an attack on her. She has sucked up to FS and has done everything in her
power to preserve the sham that has been perpetuated by FS. Miss Monique, if you read this and can understand plain English - you are a fraud. You are a sham. You are not impartial. You support
everything except true French Justice. You should remove yourself from the Justice system and join the Communist Party (are you already a member?). I say this as a Free Man. I have the Freedom of
the City of London for my work in Anti Terrorism. I can recognise this sort of thing from 100 paces. If we were to profile you, you would be in Paddington Green! (Google it). Piss off and do us a

Winnie 02/06/2012 11:09

If you follow the GLNF crisis since December 2009 as I have you are tempted to think "French justice" is a contradiction.

Muchmarshmulcher 02/05/2012 21:09

Stifany won.
He couldn't care a damn if he lost. He says he didn't so he didn't. The judicial system is on his side (too much dough to be lost if he goes).
We lost.
The only solution is a new obédience, immediately. Other brethren will join and perhaps one day UGLE will see we are better. But whether UGLE sees we are better or not, we have to do it, for the
sake of honesty, probity, honour.

Winnie 02/06/2012 11:06

Stifani lost the most important resolution. The others don't really matter because all the Lodges whose right to vote was denied won't send a brass razoo to
Pisan. And money is the heart of the matter.

Stifani proclaimed victory because he's running scared. He knows his days are numbered. The fact that a good percentage of the SGC voted against him is
highly significant. His power base is leaking like a sieve.


As for creating a new Obedience, I heartily agree with you, and immediately. Should we succeed (I doubt it) in regaining control of the GLNF the new
Obedience can melt into it. In any case the GLNF will have to change its name as it is permanently tarnished on the international front.