Stifani caught in a case of « conflict of interest »

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On your newsstand tomorrow morning you will be able to read the latest account of the affairs of François Stifani on the Riviera. François Koch publishes the report in “L’Express”. link


It started out as a simple conflict between shareholders in a company owning a 2 star hotel residence with swimming pool. The extremely wealthy Deiber family opposed Mr & Mrs Duret, who are both shareholders and run the residence. In an attempt to resolve the conflict the Deibers called for the appointment of an administrator (sound familiar ?).


In a surprise move the Cannes Commercial Court president designated Maître Michel Gillibert from Aix en Provence in another Department. It was the Deiber family law firm, Stifani-Fenoud, which requested the appointment of the administrator. Maître Gillibert was a GLNF member and the Stifani of Stifani-Fenoud is none other than Ephesse himself. Not only is Gillibert a “Brother”, he was initiated in 1997 into the Verbe Lodge in Juan Les Pins and François Stifani, founding member of that Lodge, was his sponsor !!!


Maître Gillibert maintains that despite the all too obvious conflict of interest he carried out his mission in total impartiality. “Not so,” says Mr Duret. At the company AGM on September 21st, 2011 the Deibers, who hold the majority of the stock, elected a new manager for the company, Jany Hemery, who was initiated into Verbe Lodge in 1992 sponsored by… …you guessed it, François Stifani !!!


Normally when a company is on the brink of bankruptcy the manager receives no remuneration. The Deibers voted a monthly figure of 1200 euros for Mr Hemery, plus a “result bonus” of 5% of the sale price, estimated at a minimum 2.5 million euros.


Maître Gillibert admits this was careless to say the least, but says he was not present at the meeting, having been operated for a shoulder problem. But surely a court appointed administrator would have something to say about such a decision ???


But it gets worse. Maître Gillibert retains the Stifan-Fenoud firm as his lawyers, thereby having the same lawyer as the Deibers, majority shareholders in the firm he is winding up. Finally he saw the writing on the wall, changed lawyers and resigned from the GLNF.


The Duret family are suing Maître Gillibert, Stifani – Fenoud, Anne-Marie Deiber and Jany Hemery for corruption, forgery, use of forged documents and abuse of confidence.



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