Stifani de Monaco, clinging to the Rock

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Confusion seems to be the word of the day on the Rock. Maybe it’s just that the soon to be consecrated Regular National Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco has not yet ironed out all the little wrinkles in its protocole administration.


A couple of weeks ago numerous sharp-eyed Myosotis  readers noticed that the GLNF had mysteriously disappeared from the home page of the GLNRPM. This was still the case yesterday, January 31st.


At the same time Winnie received an e-mail from Franck Nicolas, the designated Grand Secretary.with the following documents attached :


  1. A letter dated November 2nd 2010 informing Grand Masters of the date of the consecration ceremony and listing the GLNF as one of the installing Grand Lodges. LINK



  1. A letter dated January 12th once again listing the GLNF as an installing Grand Lodge. LINK



  1. The programme for the weekend of the consecration. LINK


So, does the self-proclaimed spiritual guide get a look- in or not ? Will he be putting on his best smile for the group photo ? Will the Prince be on his right or his left ? Will Gala feature a full-page shot of Stifani in the company of Stephanie ? LML in English tried phoning the numbers on the GLNRPM documents. Messages were left. Only one replied and when the question was put he suddenly decided he was in a meeting (you know, “it’s raining.”, something rather rare on the Rock) and would call back in 10 minutes. We’re still waiting for the return call !!  Winnie shot off a couple of e-mails. 24 hours later a reply informed us that the website was being modified. Late this afternoon, February 1st, the GLNF has made it back into the limelight, much to the relief of our spiritual guide. After all it costs to have a tuxedo drycleaned !!


For all those hoping to be part of the glitter on the Rock we can confirm that in order to participate in the consecration of the new Grand Lodge you must have a reserved place at the gala evening at 250 euros per person. Life’s not cheap on the Rock !! LML in English gets the feeling that the soon to be GLNPM could be modelling itself on the stratospheric financial heights of Pisan.  But there is a cheaper way. All you have to do is find 9 other suckers. Tables of 10 get a discount, only 200 euros per head !! You can even get cut rates on hotel accommodation, 195 euros, breakfast included.


So, with the taps turned off (thank you Maître Legrand) who’s going to foot the bill for the Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles ?


Let’s do our sums. With the number of fawnicators our spiritual guide has on the Riviera he should be able to put together a table of 10. We’re down to 200 euros a head. I suppose our spiritual guide is a fan of that old song, “I’ll never walk alone”. Therefore :


- 2 tickets @ 200 euros each                                                     400 euros

- hotel room for 2 at 195 euros including breakfast                  195 euros


Total                                                                                          595 euros


Stif lives just up the road in Antibes so we won’t put in a figure for transport. Even if he decides to use up his Air Bongo frequent flyer points the Falcon would both take off and land at Nice. Not worth it ! Maybe another forged letter could be sent to the Elysée Palace asking for the loan of a helicopter. In the light of such enthusiastic support for his Ministers Nicolas could hardly refuse. Driving is a bind in Monaco. So, that way Stif could avoid the traffic jams on the Corniche (or maybe that should read “in the Corniche”).



The last remaining question is, will our spiritual guide still be on the 3rd floor of the bunker when February 19th comes around. In the hope that Maître Legrand has changed the locks and since Winnie has received a letter addressed to “Most Respectable Grand Master”, he’s intensifying his campaign to take over from the Honourable Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles (provided the Air Bongo frequent flyer points are transferrable !!).


If someone can loan me a tuxedo and push 445 euros my way I’ll see you on the Rock !!

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Big ben 02/06/2011 18:04

PLease tell to UGLE take care of JC Foellner and F Stifani invitation for banquet in Monaco.

Five minutes after banquet François Stifani will publish :

" United Grand Lodge of England has comforted me in the choices for GLNF. Links of friendship have been consolidated around these choices, during a blazing banquet, after GLNF has consecrated the
new GL of Monaco "

Monaco is a trap four UGLE.

GMX 02/04/2011 05:55

To be perfectly honest,nobody gives a sh.t about who is going there to represents us! However it is clear that our ex-helmsman whould have been excited to show off surrounded by his goons. I
remember seeing him walking on "la croisette" in Cannes, proud like a little peacock and escorted by vigilentes to flatter his ego! it looked like a comic strip!

Big Ben 02/02/2011 20:16

Côte d'Azur coast is neither Bournemouth nor Oostende. There is a special attitude often copied on italian maffia not so far.

Free Masons of Nice and around were mentioned by the Procureur Eric de Montgolfier as a network only to get advantages and go on laws.

Monaco is a fiscal paradise, known as a money washing machine.

Stifani is from Antibes on The Cote d'Azur

The 3 LL for consecration of Monaco GL come from Cote d'Azur

Stifani excluded of the consecration first, joined as UGLE and GL of Germany before.

Equation is solved no comment

A question, what do UGLE and GL of Germany in this trap