Stifani gets a July letter in April !!!

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Stifani gets a July letter in April!!!


Yesterday, April 1st (no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke !!!) Myosotis Ligérien published a true “scoop”, the letter addressed to our self-appointed spiritual guide on March 28th by Alain Juillet, the Grand National Inspector in charge of reform of the GLNF. link


Couched in diplomatic language and composed in such a way that the Stifanatic won’t just throw it into the rubbish bin in a fit of rage it is going to take some time for LML in English to do justice to it in translation.


However, we give you a summary of the comments posted last night by Sirius Black, moderator of Myosotis Maine Atlantique. link


Before reading the summary I suggest you consult the Wikipedia article on Alain Juillet. link


  1. Alain Juillet is probably THE ONLY PERSON within the GLNF apt to know everything, to understand everything and to bring everything back together. He is at the heart of the Pisan structure and is also close to the FMR-Myosotis structure, close to the various jurisdictions, close to the other “irregular” Obediences here in France and close to the major international Grand Lodges.


  1. This is NOT a candidature for the Grand Mastership. Alain Juillet has no personal agenda in writing this letter. He merely wants to save the GLNF.


  1. The letter is addressed to François Stifani and was not intended to be for general publication. Hence the diplomatic language to ensure that Stifani will actually read it AND think about its contents.


  1. The letter clearly indicates the extent of damage caused by the Stifani era. It clearly states that the only possible result if Stifani doesn’t wake up is explosion, court liquidation or a coup d’état. Alain Juillet hammers home the truth that the Lodges will refuse to vote the accounts until such time as François Stifani has announced his departure.


  1. Alain Juillet proposes that he assume the transition post of Deputy Grand Master (vacant since the resignation of Philippe Tardivat), with the charge of chairing the GLNF Association board of administration and implementing the future reforms of the GLNF. He already has the agreement of the Council of  Sages, numerous PGMs and AGMs, the Jurisdictions, the foreign Grand Lodges (including the “big one”) and FMR-Myosotis. AND he won’t have any difficulty in convincing Miss Monique !!!


  1. This is a genuine proposal to save the GLNF.


  1. The need for reform is priority over candidates for the Grand Mastership.A “non-candidate” is more likely to have his voice heard. Alain Juillet, a lifetime “man of the shadows” (he has spent virtually all his professional life linked to the upper echelons of the French intelligence service), has spent considerable time organising and placing his troops prior to writing to Stifani. He has ensured the possibility of carrying it off before showing his hand.


  1. Sirius Black (and LML in English) places one major reserve on Juillet’s letter : François Stifani must have no role whatsoever in the future GLNF. This must be a sine qua non prior to Alain Juillet taking up the reins.


  1. As an integral part of the reforms and without a “witch hunt” the right to an inventory of the past management of the GLNF  must be exercised. Transparency and explanations are necessary to progress.


  1. Sirius Black (and LML in English) are dubitative concerning the success of Alain Juillet’s proposal in the light of François Stifani’s radio broadcast on BFM on March 31st where he continues to use his usual “double-speak”.


11. WAIT AND SEE !!!



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