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By ordinance of  the President of the  Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris of 24th  January 2011, ) a temporary administrator has just been designated in the person of (Madame)  Maître Monique LEGRAND.


This ordinance of January 24th 2011 

1/  has been rendered  at the request of  14 members of  FMR who had already obtained favourable judgment on December 7th

2/ whereas the request presented by  François STIFANI  was rejected by the Tribunal.


Missions assigned to (Madame) Maître Monique LEGRAND  are as follows :

- To administrate the Association

 - To represent it before the Law

- To convene a General Assembly  to approve the Budget and the accounts

- AND,  in view of the resignation of François STIFANI, to implement  by means of this General Assembly,  the process of ratification provided for by l’article 2.3 du Règlement  Intérieur (link to Article 2.3 of the Bye-Laws) to designate a new  Grand Master.



The page is turned,


François STIFANI can no longer rule the GLNF.


It is now the time for each of us to aid the GLNF to reunite in peace, serenity and harmony.



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Winnie 01/26/2011 10:53

The champagne tastes even better than usual today.

But the real job has just begun. Now we must undo what has occurred over the past 13 years, we must take all the time necessary to put in place new statutes and by-laws that ensure such a situation
can never occur again.

Yes, we must elect a new Grand Master, but nothing stops us electing one for a specific short period (non-renewable) to give us the time to reform the administration.

We need to be particularly wary of 2 things :

- moves by Stifani and his clique to put a puppet in place with them still pulling the strings

- those at the top, who have remained faithful to Stifani since December 4th, 2009 and who suddenly see the Light. France has a long history of last minute Resistants.

And lastly, we mustn't forget the oath we took at our initiation to pardon our enemies. Revenge tends to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Celebrating our victory does not necessarily entail
revenge. and champagne tastes much better than vengeance.

GMX 01/26/2011 07:47

It is somewhat sad that the Justice had to do the work the Masonic world could not do!
We, Masons anywhere, pretending often enlightening the profane world are too often victim of ourselves and our lack of ethics. The rhetoric lacks actions. I hope the “new deal” will re-establish
those values that made the Masonry what it was once but so long ago…
The changes at the top are a very good thing; the changes in the hearts & the minds of the Brethren are yet to come. A formidable task considering the way most of us were recruited and for what
purpose (the cash-drawer). Mentality doesn’t change easily &, old habits die hard.
So I am happy but not euphoric, I have hopes and doubts, the inertia of the silent mass that has not raised in unison is a warning to those who might believe the new rules will suffice …

Arturusrex 01/26/2011 07:19

If there is no longer any physical person as either President or Grand Master, nor any physical persons on the Board of General Purposes, all seats being vacant, it preseumably ensues that all the
Provincial Grand Lodges and officers are also out of a job, and if this is the case, then it will not be appropriate to wear Grand Lodge or Provincial Grand Lodge regalia until such time asthe
offices of GM and, if ever, PGMs, are again occupied by physical persons of elected status as brothers. All brethren should now wear only their master masons (or RA) regalia.Arturusrex