Stifani pulls his July 14th trick a second time… …in Tahiti

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Remember back in July how an e-mail took a whole seven days to go from Paris to London ? For those whose memory is fading I’ll bring you up to date…


On July 19th the UGLE held its quarterly Grand Lodge meeting. On the agenda was the GLNF situation. The decision was taken to suspend relations temporarily. This news was announced by most blogs (Myosotis, La Lumière, etc) that very day or the 20th at the latest. On July 21st the UGLE received an e-mail from the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker announcing that the GLNF was suspending relations with the UGLE. The document purported to be dated July 14th, with all the significance this date represents to the French. Of course no-one believed the story, particularly since Ephesse had met with the PGMs on July 16th and hadn’t said a word about his suspending the UGLE.


Well, it appears Ephesse has decided to try to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes once again. But this time under the coconut palms. As with the UGLE you need to follow the dates chronologically :


December 15th : François Stifani decrees the dissolution of the Province of French Polynesia and attaches the Lodges directly to the GLNF headquarters in Paris. link By the time the news got to Polynesia and was relayed back to the Myosotis blogs in France it was already…


December 16th when the news became public knowledge.


December 21st (eveningTahiti time) : Three Craft Lodges and three Royal Arch Chapters decide to create the Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos (GLRT). An e-mail announcing this event was sent to France arriving in the early hours of …


December 22nd : The news was quickly announced on the Myosotis blogs. And was certainly picked up very quickly by Pisan


December 22nd : By registered mail Cachet-poste-Paris-GLRT 000 Pisan sends decrees of suspension (mise en sommeil)  Décret Décret backdated to December 20th to the 82 members of the 3 Lodges because of certain decisions taken by the Brethren of the Lodge that would perturb its normal functioning. Having already dissolved the Province and attached the Lodges to Pisan François Stifani had no reason (until December 22nd) to take any action against specific Lodges or BrethrenUNLESS some event occurred that forced his to face up to his failings. And that event was the decision to create the GLRT. Unable to put the toothpaste back in the tube the best (or least worst !) he could do was to pull out his old and very well-known backdating trick.


December 28th : The registered letters arrive in Tahiti.






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