Stifani replies to the 3rd declaration from the 3 orders

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Stifani replies to the 3rd declaration from the 3 Orders


“It’s not your affair, so shut up and buzz off !”


Having received a good slap in the face from the 3 Orders (REAA, RER and RF) link our self-proclaimed spiritual guide has decided to interpret the message in his own particular way. In a nutshell, François Stifani has decided to ignore the words of the leaders of the 3 Orders and tells them to mind their own business.


On February 5th, the same day that 2000 Brothers of the GLNF from all over France and even from the DOM TOM, were meeting to discuss the future moves necessary to reform the Obedience, François Stifani wrote link:


For the attention of :


Jacques Bourbasquet

Grand Prior – Grand Master of the Grand Rectified Priory of France

Jean-Luc Fauque

Supreme Grand Commander of the Supreme Council for France of the REAA

Paul Fallet

Supreme Commander of the Grand French Chapter



Most Worthy Brothers, my Well –Loved Brothers,


While I welcomed your two previous declarations positively I can only state my reservation concerning the position you have taken in this third declaration that you classify as “solemn”.


In my last communication with the allied regular Obediences, and in direct reference to rule n° 5 of the regularity agreement that you know well, I had already explained to them the risks linked to your repeated position with regard to the Brethren in the three first degrees who are placed under our Jurisdiction.


I fear that this time, by the effect of repetition, that your declaration will take on a systematic tone and that will in no way bring peace and the spirit of agreement that you are at pains to evoke. On the contrary, don’t you feel that you are disturbing even more the Brethren of the GLNF that you do not represent, and even more so the minority of them who have a dual membership as you describe it, of the GLNF and your jurisdiction ?


In the current situation, who can seriously pretend to be a spokesman representing numerous Brethren who are suffering under a situation provoked by impassioned movements, that you yourself call for dignity, and which you risk adding to even if that is not your wish.


In the name of the principle of independence, we have never interfered in the sovereignty that you exercise in your jurisdiction and we would have thought that, in a spirit of fraternity and regularity, you would have done the same for what concerns all of us : the GLNF.


In these circumstances I confess my very great embarrassment to go further in my reply to your declaration, not on the subject that you tackle with a legal meticulousness that in itself is revelatory, but because it is my duty to not enter into a public debate with you before all the Brothers, a debate that would aggravate the division that certain of your comments mean to make me take the blame.


My function obliges the greatest reserve on my part. The points that you tackle are the object of a legal arbitration following the judgement of December 7th, an arbitration in which you are not concerned directly, and which you should respect. For my part, that is what I am resolved to do. Allow me to suggest that you do likewise and that in doing so, as it is our joint preoccupation, you will make our Brethren happy.


As in the past I remain open to all constructive exchanges with you, both individually and collectively.


François Stifani

Grand Master

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