Stifani’s opponents write to 172 foreign Grand Lodges

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The message is clear and unequivocal : “Don’t come !!!” to the Grand Lodge meeting of the GLNF in Paris on Saturday, December 3rd. And the signatories read like a “Who’s Who” of the GLNF. The letter has been sent to the Grand Masters of 172 Grand Lodges throughout the world. And to ensure the message is understood loud and clear, it has gone out in French, English and Spanish.


The Opposition Pilot Committee


Letter to the Grand Masters of the Regular Grand Lodge



Most Worshipful Grand Master,



Your Grand Lodge has been invited to attend the Formal Meeting of the Grande Loge Nationale Française on December 3rd in Paris.


As you are aware, the GLNF is experiencing an unprecedented crisis that has resulted in its being placed under a court appointed administrator, no doubt the first time such an occurrence for any obedience in the world ! That is why this meeting, already postponed in complete denial of our Constitutions, will not proceed calmly and will be a pathetic sham of those annual Grand Lodge meetings you have attended in the past.


The crisis revolves essentially around the character of François Stifani, installed as Grand Master on December 1st, 2007. His excessive ego, his despotic behaviour, his ill disguised ambition to find a place in French political life, his attempts to drag the GLNF into his personal commitment to the current President of the Republic, in total violation of the Landmarks, these are all direct causes and contributions to the crisis. By introducing politics and the media into our Temples, in betrayal of the essence and spirit of his high function, François Stifani has lost the legitimacy of the office of Grand Master.


Publicly, the Most Worshipful Brother Claude Charbonniaud, GLNF Grand Master from 1993 to 2001 asked him to resign on August 12th. Numerous GLNF dignitaries have begged him to see reason. Where dignity and a sense of honour,……or simple logic should tell him to surrender his mandate immediately, for more than two years he has resisted against one and all, thereby obstructing the coming together and harmony of the GLNF Brethren.


By his own and sole fault, the GLNF has been rejected by the world’s Regular Freemasonry. More than 30 Grand Lodges, mostly in Europe, have suspended their Recognition; in its final warning on July 21st, the United Grand Lodge of England demanded that the GLNF return to the values and an organisation respecting masonic traditions and customs…


Today, all the leaders of this opposition and their representative associations drawing together Brethren of goodwill, for example, the Union des Loges Régulières Françaises, are fighting  to restore the foundations of the GLNF they love, to defend Regularity and oppose this intolerable situation which threatens to force them to leave their Obedience. Lodges are rising up but more than 12% of them have already been struck off the Grand Lodge register. Masons of longstanding, excluded for daring to defend traditional values, are replaced by those close to the Grand Master. To avoid unacceptable pressure and political apportionment almost half the Provinces have declared themselves autonomous while waiting for things to return to normal.


On December 3rd, you cannot give your support to the current situation.


Your absence wil be the testimony of your disapproval and your suffering with us.


We have confidence in the future of our noble institution and strongly hope that soon we will regain our place in the Chain of Union of the world’s Regular Freemasonry. Most Worshipful Grand Master, please accept our most sincere wishes of unfailing fraternity.


Signatories :

BELLET Alain - Provincial Grand Master of Picardie-Plaine de France

CAIRE Marc - Provincial Grand Master of Neustrie

COHEN Pierre – Provincial Grand Master of Lutèce

DEGNY Christian – Provincial Grand Master of Bretagne

DUCROS Georges – Provincial Grand Master of Champagne Ardennes

GESTAS Philippe – Provincial Grand Master of Polynésie Française

HOUCHANGNIA Zavoche – Provincial Grand Master of Dauphiné Savoie

JUILLET Alain - Union des Loges Régulières Françaises (U.L.R.F.)

MARTIN Philippe – Provincial Grand Master of Auvergne

MOREAU Dominique - The FMR/MYOSOTIS Group

MURAT Jean - Assistant Grand Master

PAROT Jacques – Provincial Grand Master of Asie Pacifique

PENNES Yves – Provincial Grand Master of Paris


STUDER Jacques – Provincial Grand Master of Rhône

TOFFALONI Serge - Assistant Grand Master  (resigned)

TORDJMAN Charles – Provincial Grand Master of Grande Arche

TOUBOL Laurent – Provincial Grand Master of Rouvray

VENTURINO Jean Luc – Provincial Grand Master of Massilia


Paris, November 24th, 2011


LML in English has heard strong rumours that many of the Grand Lodges of Central Africa, François Stifani’s strongest international supporters, will be not attending or, at best, sending only a token gesture of very minor officials. We are tempted to ask : Togo or not Togo ?


The worst case scenario for François Stifani would be the non attendance of his close friends, Denis Sassou N’Guesso andAli Bongo,African heads of state and Grand Masters of their Grand Lodges, like their fathers before them. Well informed sources inform us they will not be attending.

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