Stifani sacks his Minister for Foreign Affairs

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In Jean-Claude Tardivat, the GLNF had an able overseas representative well respected in the countries with whom he stood for the regularity of the GLNF. It would seem his diplomatic efforts on the other side of the English Channel in recent times has incurred the wrath of the tyrant on the 3rd floor.
Stifani has now sacked him.!!!
The stupider he gets the stupider he looks.

Tardivat sacked
Tardivat licencié

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Andrew 07/24/2011 19:55

JC Tardivat was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of GLNF. So he is well introduced abroad. During last year he followed without shade all what Stifani did. Fidelity to obediency, or to Stifani.
Don't know.

Winnie 07/25/2011 00:15

Those who fly too close to the sun get their wings burned eventually. Tardivat is well appreciated across the water. his fall from grace will do nothing to
endear François Stifani to the upper echelons of the GLs in Great Britain, Ireland and America.