Stifani tenders an "almost" resignation as Grand Master !!!

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Stifani tenders an « almost » resignation as Grand Master !!!


In a communiqué published this morning more than 30 Past and present Grand National Officers placed themselves firmly behind the 10 rebellious PGMs. The communiqué reads like a "who's who" of the GLNF.




Nous, soussignés, Grands Officiers de la Grande Loge Nationale Française, déclarons apporter un soutien sans réserve aux Grands Maîtres Provinciaux signataires de la déclaration du 7 Avril 2011. Nous appelons tous les Frères de bonne volonté à rejoindre ce mouvement en adressant leur accord au TRF Serge COIMBRA


T.R.F. Jean-Pierre AGOSTINI - Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Neustrie

T.R.F. Francis BARDOT – Grand Inspecteur

T.R.F. Serge BARTHELEMY – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Lutèce

T.R.F. Jean-François BERTHON – Ancien Grand Inspecteur – ancien Grand Trésorier

T.R.F. René BESOZZI – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

T.R.F. Jacques BUCHET - Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Maine-Atlantique

T.R.F. Bruno CHATELAIN – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Val-de-Loire

T.R.F. Jean Pierre CLAVERIE – Ancien Président Délégué de Hôpital Assistance International

R.F. Serge COGITORE – Grand Expert – Assistant Grand Maître Provincial de Picardie-Plaine de France

T.R.F. Serge COIMBRA - Ancien Grand Maître Provincial d’Alsace – VM démissionnaire de la Loge Nationale d’Instruction « Jean de Turckheim » pour le R.E.R.

R.F. Patrick COULON - Ancien Assistant Grand Maître provincial d’Austrasie-Alsace

R.F. Pierre COUTANT – Assistant Grand Maître Provincial d’Honneur de Neuilly-Bineau

T.R.F. Jean Charles DANIER – Ancien Assistant Grand Maître de la G.L.N.F.

T.R.F. Yves DOUSSET – Député Grand Maître d’Honneur

T.R.F. Lionel FOURNY – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial Austrasie-Champagne-Ardennes

R.F. Patrick GEORGE – Grand Directeur des Cérémonies

R.F. Yonnel GHERNAOUTI – Ancien VM de la Loge Nationale d’Instruction « Jean de Turckheim » (RER)

T.R.F. Jean-Pierre GODREAU – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial d’Aquitaine

R.F. Christian HERVE –Grand Expert –Président de la Commission de l’éthique

T.R.F. Gérard ICART – Grand Inspecteur

R.F. Michel JACQ – Grand Expert

T.R.F. Alain JUILLET – Grand Inspecteur

R.F. René LOTA – Grand Intendant

T.R.F. Jacques MARCHOT – Ancien Grand Inspecteur Chargé de l’Immobilier

T.R.F. Patrick MENEGHETTI – Passé Grand Inspecteur – Ancien Grand Porte-Glaive

T.R.F. Jean Paul PERES – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Neustrie et de Paris-Grande Arche

R.F. Pascal PEREZ – Assistant Grand Maître Provincial d’Honneur de Paris-Grande Arche

T.R.F. Claude PETITGONNET- Assistant Grand Maître Provincial d’Honneur de Paris- Grande Arche

R.F. Jean-Jacques PIN – Assistant Grand Maître Provincial de Lutèce

T.R.F. Jean-Christian RAYMOND - Ancien Député Grand Maître Provincial Alpes- Méditerranée – Ancien VM de la Loge Nationale d’Instruction pour le R.E.A.A.

T.R.F. Jean Pierre SERVEL – Ancien Grand Orateur

T.R.F. Henri SUSS – Grand Inspecteur d’Honneur

T.R.F. Philippe THOMAS –Grand Inspecteur d’Honneur

T.R.F. Jean Claude TRIBOUT – Grand Inspecteur

T.R.F. Claude VAZEILLE – Assistant Grand Maître

T.R.F. Jean Pierre VOLEON –  Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de La Porte des Alpes

T.R.F. François DE VRIES – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial de Bourgogne

T.R.F. René YOUNG – Ancien Grand Maître Provincial Neustrie


This latest communiqué isolates François Stifani even more. As LML in English and the other Myosotis moderators were preparing their articles on this event an even more important letter was made public, François Stifani’s “almost” resignation.


In a letter dated yesterday and made public this morning, addressed to the PGMs, François Stifani announces that he is placing his mandate as Grand Master in the hands of the Sovereign Grand Committee and at the same time convenes its next meeting for June 27th, 3 days after the announcement of the Court of Appeal judgement on the GLNF’s appeal against the December 7th 2010 judgement. link


While it is effectively a resignation our self-proclaimed spiritual guide attempts once more another of his well-known delaying tactics by scheduling the meeting almost 2 1/2 months away. I suppose he believes that until such time as the SGC actually meets he can continue to sit in the largest chair and run the show.


At the meeting of the SGC he suggests a major item on the agenda be the organisation of the election of the next Grand Master according to the current statutes and constitutions. Obviously François Stifani is away in “cloud cuckoo land”. Maître Legrand is the ad hoc administrator of the GLNF Association, not François Stifani. One of her principal roles is to organise the General Assembly that we have been looking forward to for over a year.


And the general consensus of the contributions to the Livre Blanc, confirmed last weekend by the meeting of FMR and 27 of the Myosotis moderators, is that what is N° 1 priority is the reform of the constitutions, statutes and by-laws, that during this interim period (maximum 12 months) the GLNF be managed by a steering committee representative of all points of view within the Obedience. If, for reasons of conformity with the laws of thez land, it is necessary to have a grand Master, the Brother selected for this task must be of impeccable record and credentials and he must undertake in writing to occupy the post for that interim period only and not seek re-election.


In typical “Stifani-speak” the EX-GM’s letter claims that the Brethren have not understood him, that all he ever wanted to do was to labour for the good of the GLNF and to implement the reforms necessary to align our Obedience with modern times. He professes to love us all, etc, etc (Tell that to the 1500 Brothers of val de Loire Province who disappeared from the GLNF with one stroke of the pen on the desk on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker !!!).


In one more attempt to retain power he suggests that those who should guide the Obedience out of the darkness be 4 of his strongest supporters, Jean-Pierre Rollet, Daniel Jacquet, Pierre Jacob and Alain Cano. Again, François Stifani is not listening. We don’t want just another group of Stifani clones. We’ve had enough of that over the past 14 years. And even if Maître legrand swallows Stifani’s story and even if the next meeting of the SGC is as late as June 27th and even if (unlikely) the members accept Stifani’s idea of the “faithful four” it will never get past the general Assembly What we want is to go out and buy a whole new collection of brooms to sweep out the stables and start afresh.


While I am sure the champagne will be opened all over France this evening we must remain vigilant. A cornered animal is always at its most vicious and dangerous. Let us not forget that François Stifani knows the ins and outs of our legal system like he knows the back of his own hand. Let us not lower our guard. In his 2 letters sent to François Stifani over the past fortnight Alain Juillet has intimated that there are a number of skeletons in the closet. And Jean-Claude Tribout’s letter is in the same vein. Will François Stifani need to know the ins and outs of the laws of the republic for other reasons ??? Only time will tell !!!

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Arturusrex 04/14/2011 22:16

A very good analysis, Winnie. He who resigned will now announce when he intends to resign again. And under the authority of Ms Legrand, who has full powers, he will tell her what and when he who is
no longer anything wants it to be done. Folly, dementia, megalomania,and no doubt worse.
This man (no mason, by any means or measures) knows no limits for trickery and deceit.
The law of the land might well put a stop to his antics before we masons find the way of doing so.
So, let us all beware of him.
Let us also beware of all these new found allies, the Provincial Grand Masters, buddies of Stifani's up to the hilt until they realised how deep he is about to dive. Rallying to the "rebels" at the
25th hour, they now ask all the WMs of their provinces to sign a declaration of support for them. Creeps galore are doing so, hoping for more Grand favours to come.
The PGM's are clever: they decare that they put themseves under the authority of the Administrator.
Of course they do! There is no other way they can continue to claim to have any authority whatsoever, their nominator, the ex GM being no longer GM!

And so, they hope to cling on to their provincial powers and authority. There were some good masons amongst them. Others were just on a socio-masonic joy ride. Worshipful Masters should be very
wary about applauding these after- the-battle heroes. Gilt aprons and masonic ignoramusses do not need to be reproduced in greater numbers. Arturusrex

Winnie 04/17/2011 22:08

Beware of those wearing blue aprons plus baubles who suddenly see the Light, like Saul on the road to Damascus !!!