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If ever you doubted that our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul of Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited “billets doux” from Nicolas Sarkozy did not know that a Freemason works discreetly, and, if you have an hour to spare, click on

There you’ll find an article entitled “Worst of des videos”. It is just a selection of the moments over the past year where the Stifanatic has chosen to go public and has successfully tarnished the GLNF image. Sorry, the interviews and commentaries are all in French but I’m sure you’ll get the drift.

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GMX 01/04/2011 05:54

I have been visiting several « obediences » to get some feelings as to how others are working and to compare things with our own methods. What came out is quite revealing!
I noticed that most obediences are a lot stricter than we are in their practices.
• The new applicants are seriously investigated
• Their true motivation is evaluated
• There is no race to recruit in most cases
• The “passage” from one grade to another is really subject to a vote by all the Masters of the Lodge. Each step is analysed to insure the brother/sister is really motivated by improving
himself/herself and not some other profane reason!
• In some cases a brother/sister can be downgraded to allow this person a second chance to improve!
Compared to what I have seen in our little organization, it is amazing how lax we are!
We, who pretend to be the only recognized & regular obedience, have a lot to learn from those we criticize so much & regard with condescension. We have amongst our members, people who have
been denied initiations because of obvious deviations or lack of genuine motivation, some of our members have been let go by some other obedience for causes of lack of motivation or conflict of
In short, it seems we could improve our ways to deal with masonry and to avoid the kind of situation in which we are, by being more selective and a lot stricter with the “Rule”.
Most obediences do not have contempt for us but pity.