STOP PRESS ….. Court of Appeal Decision

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Predictably, today’s court appearance was merely a confirmation that the file is complete and the case can now proceed.


The Judge has fixed the next session for OCTOBER 18th.


Both parties have undertaken to not present their cases a second time, in which case the final decision could be pronounced about a month later, somewhere towards mid-November.


The 14 Stifani supporters , their lawyer and whoever files the papers with the wrong office have succeeded in gaining another 10 weeks for the self-proclaimed spiritual guide. He only has to pull a couple more legal loopholes out of the hat and he’s home free at the end of his term of office in December 2012. In the meantime he can begin to prepare his re-election campaign in order to ensure he’s got the biggest blue apron at the GLNF centenary celebrations in 2013.


But the immediate question is the consequence of today’s decision on Maître Legrand’s obligation (ordered by the judge) to hold the AGM before October 31st.


Even more important is the need for :


Lodges working the French Rite to join theMaison des Loges Régulières du Rite Français.

Lodges working the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite to join the Rassemblement des Maçons Réguliers du R.E.A.A.


Both are part of the Union des Loges Régulières de France (U.L.R.F.)

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