Surprise resignation of the GLNF board

Published on by Winnie

In his blog L’Express journalist, François Koch, reports that in a press release dated January 21st the GLNF has made the surprise announcement of the resignation of the members of the board present at its latest meeting. This mass resignation includes that of François Stifani, Grand Master and president of the GLNF 1901 association.


The rumour had been circulating for several days. Officially the decision is motivated by 2 reasons :


-          to avoid that the board finds itself in conflict with the Constitutions governing the Order

-          to guarantee the organisation of the AGM under the best possible conditions


The rumours justified the decision with the following explanation; the direction of the Obedience did not really believe in the possibilities of  its most recent move before the Appeals Court to obtain the naming of an ad hoc administrator and François Stifani wanted to create a situation that would give him a better chance with the court. The rumours emphasise that the Grand Master does not wish to organise the AGM himself thereby avoiding the constant attacks to which he has been subject for the past 13 months.


Despite what the official communiqué sates, it gives every appearance of being yet another attempt to avoid the execution of the court decision of December 7th 2010 which ordered the GLNF direction to organise a new AGM immediately. The principal preoccupation appears to be to gain time. And time is working in the Grand Master’s favour. For the time being !!

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