Suspensions fall like Autumn leaves in Maine Atlantique !

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Suspensions fall like Autumn leaves in Maine Atlantique !




The Sleeper awakes !


After months of total inactivity Jean-Michel H…….t, PGM of Maine Atlantique Province, has woken like a bear with a sore tooth. Pen in hand he has shot off 6 ordinances suspending the same number of Lodges and ordering the restitution of their Warrants.


The justification for the ordinances is that the Lodges contested the authority of the PGM and we will continue to do so as long as Ephesse pretends to be GM, deliberately ignored the customs of the GLNF, abstained from producing the Warrant, the accounts and other documents for the PGM or his delegated representative since no Provincial Officer attended the installations in his official capacity it was somewhat difficult to give him the said documents, did not forward the notice of installation duly signed by a designated Provincial Officer present as par the previous comment.


The lucky winners in today’s lottery are :


- Ordinance 2011 – 16 David d’Angers N° 199

We remind readers of LML in English that the WM of this Lodge was « resigned » some months ago from the GLNF without his knowledge or consent. The same WM is a member of the initial administration board of the ULRF.


- Ordinance 2011 – 17 Sel et Tourbe N° 806


- Ordinance 2011 – 18 La Pierre Eternelle N° 912


- Ordinance 2011 – 20 les Anneaux de Lumière N° 1318


- Ordinance 2011 – La Clé de Voûte Ligérienne N° 1495


- Ordinance 2011 – La Pierre Bleue N° 1726


The PGM demands that the Warrants be returned immediately with the claim that they are henceforth held illegally. LML in English would like to remind the PGM that each of these Lodges paid for their Warrants with their members’ money. It would be interesting to put the situation before the courts to see who is the rightful owner when proof of payment can be produced.


The suspensions are an all too obvious manoeuvre by Ephesse, knowingly assisted by the PGM mentioned above, to stack the numbers at the Grand Lodge meeting of December 3rd.


It will not present these Lodges to meet and to labour according to the Rule in 12 points and the Landmarks of Regular  Traditional Freemasonry. LML in English calls upon all Brethren of the GLNF to show the support for the WMs and Brethren of these 6 Lodges by visiting their future meetings. They are :


October 28th :        David d’Angers, rue Bertin in Angers

November 9th :      La Pierre Eternelle at Bordage Luneau

November 11th :    Sel et Tourbe at Brais (St Nazaire)

November 18th :    La Pierre Bleue at Brais (St nazaire)

November 21st :    La Clé de Voûte Ligérienne, rue Bertin in Angers

November 28th :   Les Anneaux de Lumière at Carquefou (they could have some difficulties since they meet in a temple owned by the GLNF)



Nil Illegitimus Carborundum !!!

Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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Comment on this post

Arturusrex 10/29/2011 10:42

Dear Winnie
Our sympathies go to the W.Ms of the lodges suspended so arbitrarily in your province.
It could and probably will happen to most of us.
We are all convinced of the wrongness of this and of the basically evil intentions, motivations and procedures of all the Stifani gang.
We are delighted to know you will be going ahead with the programme intended for the lodges afflicted.
Could you possibly explain for lodges equally afflicted (suspended) or about to be, how they can continue to hold their meetings, what administative procedures are still called for, what they
belong to, etc etc?
I know most of this has already been developed on the blog, but it won't do us any harm to hear it all again.
We are now all afloat in the life boats.
In the meanwhile, heave aho!
It is, in spite of all the misery of seeing almost a centenary of GLNF go down the drain, an exhilarating time, with "California dreaming" of those pioneers of old now in our hands.
Not forgetting the Round Table of the Knights of Olde.

Winnie 10/29/2011 11:03

Brother, On behalf of the 6 Maine Atlantique Lodges that have been suspended and of all the others all over France, thank you for your support.I'll put an
article together over the weekend giving my view of how to move forward once a suspension and ban on meeting falls on a Lodge.