Switzerland no longer recognises the GLNF

Published on by Allan Sanders

The rumours have been going round for about a fortnight. Now it’s confirmed. Yesterday afternoon the Grand Lodge of Suisse Alpina voted almost unanimously (189 for, 3 against, 6 abstentions, 98.4%) to withdraw definitively Recognition of the GLNF. With such figures the decision is without appeal. The decision had been taken some time ago by their governing council (hence the rumours) but it had to be confirmed by their Lodge delegates.

Immediately after the vote the Grand Master, Jean-Michel Mascherpa, announced that he was meeting last night with the Grand Masters of the grand Lodges of Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria and that an official joint statement would be prepared duing the meeting. That suggests that the four other Grand Lodges could also decide to break definitively with the GLNF.

The Swiss have obviously decided that nothing is to be gained by waiting for the court decisions over the next few days and even less for the outcome of the far from certain AGM of June 23rd.

The black picture before Françoios Stifani’s eyes has become a darker shade of black since yesterday. And the way is open for the GL-AMF to request Recognition by the Grand Lodge of Suisse Alpina. Recognition will not come immediately. Those who believe it will are deluding themselves. But what happened yesterday is a firm signal to all Grand Lodges round the world that the GLNF is finished on an international basis.

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