Tahiti tells Stifani where he can put his coconuts !!!

Published on by Winnie

Despite the travel agency image of swaying palms, white sandy beaches and turquoise coloured lagoons, the Polynesians have always been quick to defend their interests and don’t take kindly to being told what to do by the “Zozos” ( deformation of “les Oreilles”, nickname given to the colonial administrators). The reaction to François Stifani’s ordinance dissolving the Province of French Polynesia has been more than rapid.


They’ve created their own Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipeligos (GLRT). In an announcement dated Wednesday December 21st, 2011 (more than slightly symbolic for Masons !), three Craft Lodges, Poe rava, Te Parau Mo’a and Les Hospitaliers de Polynésie Française, and the Royal Arch Chapters of Poe Rava, Te Parau Mo’a and Te Aravihi have created the Grand Lodge.


In accordance with the guidelines laid down by the UGLE, the GLRT has contracted a foundation charter following the Grand Principles of Regularity, the Obligations of Freemasonry, the Rule in 12 Points and the Usages and Customs of the Order.


As soon as possible the new Grand Lodge will undertake the steps necessary to obtain Recognition by the international Regular and Recognised Grand L.odges.


Late announcement : François Stifani has cancelled his scheduled trip to Tahiti over Christmas. His declared reason for going there was to "restore order" ! On the bright side that will save us about one month's "taxation" by Miss Monique.

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Arturusrex 12/26/2011 14:00

To John: MRF blog says you are having a ladies night in June;
Duquesne is bigger than Neutstrie in the efforts put in by your founders back in 1955 and ongoing thanks to the likes of yourself..
I'd like to come to your Ladies Night in June.

One more year for all of us at the end of the week.
Who knows what sort of swill we will be dunked in in 2012.
But hopefully the roles will be swapped and the dunkers dunked!
PS I will be raising a glass of very old cognac to you tomorrow!

John Sage 12/25/2011 13:15

As the current WM of Duquesne Lodge 48 I would like to wish all subscribers to this and any other LML Blogs a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2012 see an end to the lunatic ravings of
FS. Let us all continue working together to regain recognition of our wonderful Rituals by the rest of the World. French Freemasonry is very important to me and numerous other Brethren not resident
in France. We may be over land and sea but we are 100% i n support. You are not alone. Peace and Harmony to all. Can someone please translate this and post on the French speaking blogs.

Winnie 12/26/2011 10:56

Many thanks for your kind words, John. Your comment will be translated and posted on the french language Myosostis blogs. Kindest fraternal regards to all at Duquesne from LML in English.