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Dear Brethren, Master Masons of the Lodge

The convulsions through which the GLNF is going might well soon prove fatal to it, due to non respect by its governors of the Masonic Landmarks and 12-Poit Rule, contempt of court, and dilatory manoeuvering of which the latest adjournment of the Court of Appeal decision is  just one more example.

Our affection for the GLNF is such that we can no longer allow it to be destroyed in this way nor ourselves to be so duped.

The time has come for us to act, and a clear decision as to our position must be made. 

An appeal to the lodges and a form we must sign are available in the attachments.

Their effect will be two-fold:

The Lodges that sign (which are GLNF lodges) withdraw from Monsieurr Stifani and his present governing members their acknowledgment of all and any masonic authority.

These same lodges form a group, in order, should the situation evolve in the proper way, to be able to put themselves, when such time comes, under the authority of the next regular Grand Master, and, should the situation not evolve as we desire,  will severally and separately adopt the most appropriate other solution enabling us to continue together the pursuit of our Freemasonry in all our particular Rites in a framework enjoying the benefit of Regularity restored and with the hope of regaining the Recognition that the present management is causing us to lose.

This operation means that none of us resigns from the GLNF, because we are the constituant parts of a legally declared and registerd Association under French Law, which today has no President and is administered by a Court appointee.

To  empower us to take such an important decision for the future of our Lodge, you, the Master Mason members of it must absolutely imperatively  either meet in an emergency meeting of the Inner Chamber and ballot, or convey to me or to Bro Secreatry  by post, email or telephone your individual votes.(Not living in France rules out for most of us the first solution).

Brethren, in these difficult times (through no fault of ours) I appeal to you and your fraternal sense of responsibilty and trust you will feel it within you to back us in our efforts

I sign this with the agreement of our WM Elect



WM.                                                 Lodge, Number and town.


En accord avec le VM Elu .....
 Le VM de la RL ......
A... C....
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