Ten green bottles … !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

You all know the old song :


“…And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,

There’d be X green bottles sitting on the wall…”


Or, without seeking to be racist, the title of an Agatha Christie classic, “Ten Little N…..s”.


A few days ago there were ten candidates for the post of GLNF Grand Master to be decided by the SGC in two days time. Ephesse himself, six ephessian clones, a Big moustache fan club member and 2 “opposition” candidates.


Like the song, a few have fallen off the wall. At last count there were only 7 left.


So who has jumped ship ? Predictably they are all from the Stifani camp. The first two jumped together, Lapdog Cano and Riviera Pirate Jacquet. It all helps to concentrate a few more votes for Ephesse.


But the most surprising is the scornful and scandalous admission by Balloo the Legal Bear. link

His was never a real candidature. With others of the same persuasion they stacked the numbers to have greater influence upon Miss Monique in determining the electoral procedure. And he has put it in writing. Balloo was Grand National Orator, guardian of the law of the Obedience, the tablets brought down from the mountain. And he openly admits rigging the procedure. Would you buy a second hand blue apron from him ?


With all the Ephesse clones performing like rats leaving a sinking ship, the choice for Friday is narrowing by the minute. Why wait for Friday. Decide now while you’ve still got a choice. And if you really like the way things have been run since December 2009, why go for a cheap imitation Canada Dry copy ? Opt for real cask strength. At least you know to expect !!!

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