The 14 foreign Grande Lodge delegations… …and 2 GLs suspend recognition of the GLNF

Published on by Winnie

According to the scant information available the following Grand Lodges sent delegations to the GLNF Grand Lodge meeting last Saturday :


Africa (unconfirmed)

Togo (a Provincial Grand Master)


Burkina Fasso



Ivory Coast

South Africa


For the rest of the world (confirmed)

Bahia (Brazil)


San Marino




Grand Orient of Italy (not recognised by the UGLE and the other European GLs)


None of the 14 delegations actually entered the stadium. For memory, at the previous Grand Lodge meeting in December 2009 there were 70 foreign delegations. Miss Monique would appear to have saved us some money for once !


On the other hand, during the reading of the annual report of the External Affairs Commission we learned that the GLs of Iceland and Costa Rica have suspended recognition of the GLNF, two which had slipped past our vigilance.

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