The 3rd declaration by the R\L\ « L’Anglaise 204 » N°2 concerning the situation of the GLNF

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The 3rd declaration by the R\L\« L’Anglaise 204 » N°2 concerning the situation of the GLNF



In view of the declaration by the R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2 on January 14th, 2011 whereby it undertook to respect the demands of traditional regular freemasonry and the Old Charges and requests the organisation before vthe end of the 1st 3 months of 2011, of an Ordinary general Assembly of the GLNF Association including in its agenda the points demanded by the civil courts ;


In view of the declaration by the R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2 on May 27th, 2011 whereby it noted the errors in the management of the GLNF Association, the discord which reigns henceforth within the GLNF, affirms its unfailing engagement to conserve and protect the principles of regularity and of Masonic Tradition in France challenged by propositions, decisions and illegitimate acts and once again and without delay calls for the general Assembly of the GLNF Association, the sole initiative likely to enable the permanence and a return to the paths of regularity ;


In view of the joint declaration by the R.L “Le centre des N° 1  and the R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2 on June 9th, 2011, co-founders of the “Independent and Regular Grand Lodge for France”, future “GLNF”, whereby they agree upon the assessments and the previously noted objectives and once again call for the organisation of the general Assembly of the GLNF ;


In view of the declaration by the R.L. “Saint George’s” N° 3 on June 17th, 2011 whereby it it indicates that if the recognition by the UGLE were to be suspended or withdrawn, the brethren of the R.L. “Saint George’s Lodge” N° 3 will take all necessary  steps and will ask the UGLE to grant them a statute that will enable them to maintain the Regularity and Recognition of the Lodge and of its Brethren within the worldwide masonic community ;


Considering, besides, the manifest reluctance to favour an enlightened information to the members of the GLNF Association, reluctance which has worsened over the past months by the revelation of contradictory information on the financial situation of the association as well as the incident of un-contradicted information revealed by officers resigning from the association’s management or by their mandated representatives ;


Considering the reiterated and manifest delay brought upon the organisation of the General Assembly of the GLNF Association, even beyond the financial year concerned ;


Considering the manifestly abnormal material circumstances of the call, made via the GLNF website on July 13th, 2011 for an “exceptional contribution” to finance the association, a call linked to accusations and menaces made to the members of the association ;


Considering the effect upon the mutual integrity, upon the right of access to enlightened information for the association members, as well as the fundamental principles of the right of deliberation and the freedom of association thus exposed ;


Considering the rupture with the Jurisdictions of the Supreme Council for France of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, of the Rectified Grand Priory of France, of the National Directory of the Rectified Scottish Lodges of France, of the Grand French Chapter, of the Supreme Council of the Modern Rite for France and their leaders ;


Considering  the will to suspend recognition of the GLNF expressed by the UGLE on July 20th, 2011 and the reminder of the motives and the consequences of this suspension ;


Considering  the suspension of relations with the UGLE expressed on July 21st, 2011 on the GLNF website in a letter dated july 14th, 2011, by the Grand Master, having resigned the presidency of the GLNF Association, without mandate or deliberation by the members of the GLNF ;


Considering the general discord and confusion that can only result from such a situation, as well as the necessity to preserve the conditions of Labour of the Worthy Lodges in a framework according to the principle sureties of its regularity ;


While reaffirming that its members remain members of the GLNF Association, wish to remain in the current  void until the dezsignation of a new Grand Master that they hope to be as rapidly as possible, and that they do not suspend their membership during this period of transition, the R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2


  1. Pronounces in favour of the conservation of attachment of its masonic links to the UGLE to whom it attaches in order to envisage all useful relations until normal and regular conditions of the exercising of masonic activity within the GLNF can be re-established.


  1. Declares that in no way does it support the declarations and decisions of the resigned presidency of the GLNF, which, in the absence of any deliberation within the association, engage only their author, to the detriment of the members of the GLNF, and whose contents it disapproves.


  1. Places, under the circumstances, the greatest reserve upon the impact and the validity of the documents, texts and prescriptions placed upon the GLNF website, in the absence of all individual information to the members or joint deliberation validated by the statutory caucus, notably its general Assembly ;


  1. Reiterates its express demand placing on formal notice the ad hoc administrator of the association to organise in the briefest delay, henceforth, as of the month of September 2011, the General Assembly of the Association, in conformity with the mandate she was given ;


  1. Proposes and recommends to all the members of the GLNF Association and their sovereign Worthy Lodges, under all relevant forms, to pronounce themselves in the same manner and to come together within this objective in order to end as soon as possible this situation that is highly prejudicial to Universal Freemasonry, as well as the moral, personal and collective interest of each member of the GLNF and so that harmony can once more reign.


Signed in Bordeaux on July 21st, 2011 by the WM for the R.L. “L”Anglaise 204” N° 2.

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